Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pledge Your Patriotism and Join Up!

Take the pledge of a patriot and join or renew in BRC because our freedoms depend on it!  

National issues are heating up; elections are looming; closure attempts still persist; and we are not as united as we could be.  BRC is the first step answer to STOPPING the assaults on our freedoms -- the freedom to recreate outdoors; the freedom to enjoy responsible access to recreation; and the freedom to take young people outside where they can learn about this country!



Just like our forefathers did.  BRC pledges back to continue to champion your rights to responsible access to outdoor recreation.

And don't forget your state, regional and other sport-specific organizations.  It's about all our voices being heard.  Join (or renew) now!  You're needed now more than ever.

A fellow patriot,
Del Albright

Monday, June 16, 2014

Buy Bad; and Park Your Junk?

Love the one you’re with and let the others you’re not with know why!

By Del & Stacie Albright

If you buy off-road parts from a company that does not support landuse, trails, raffles or off-road organizations, you are buying “bad” and you might as well go green and park your junk!  I’m not being harsh here; I’m being real.  I’ve been off-roading for 50 years and working in landuse for 30. We’ve come far enough in the landuse world that EVERY club, business, group, virtual club, whatever, knows we are losing trails to enviro-exclusionary elitists and we have to fight back!  Companies not on the landuse team in some way (commensurate with their size) and merely making money from our love of our sports need to be brought to justice – the justice of our pocket books.

If you are buying from outfits merely because they’re cheap and not checking to see if they support landuse, you might as well give a similar amount of money to the Sierra Club or other anti-access groups trying EVERY DAY to shut us down.   It’s that simple.
Famous Red Jeep parked in garage....

So what can we  do to make sure we ARE buying from outfits that are in the game.  Here’s the simple process:
  1. Ask them if and how they support landuse.
  2. Find out what events they show up at and if they are donating to the event raffle --- that raffle hopefully supports landuse in some way and not just some warm and fuzzy cause solely.
  3. Look at their website to see what links they offer in the landuse world (United 4WDA, BlueRibbon Coalition, state organizations, AMA, ASA, etc.); and…
  4. Check out your state association and regional off-road groups to see what businesses THEY claim as members and supporters (on their website and in their newsletter where some list levels of sponsorship even).

Now let’s say you really love a company but they failed on all the above checks….just get in touch and give them a chance to “convert” to supporting pro-access efforts.   Get a few buddies to jump in with you.  Be fair.  If they don’t covert, STOP buying from them and let them know why.  You will be helping  to SAVE our sports and keep our trails open by doing that.

On the other hand, let’s say you buy from an outfit that is ALWAYS showing up with product donations to raffles, giving to landuse organizations, supporting the cause of access on their website and in their newsletters…..GIVE THEM A HUG – publicly!  Say so on forums when it’s appropriate.  Let your buddies know about the “good guys.” Be outspoken why YOU buy from the businesses who support keeping our trails open.  This has to go two ways  -- love the one you’re with and let the others you’re not with know WHY!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Tribute to Mark Smith, Rubicon Trail -- Jeep Jamboree Fame

Mark A. Smith passed away yesterday and we mourn his loss.  Founder of the Jeepers Jamboree and Jeep Jamboree, Inc,; creator of rock crawling, adventurer who crossed the Darian Gap in a '76 CJ on 33's; donated and delivered by copter 90 bags of cement when FOTR built the Sluice Bypass and made it look "natural;" jump in to help Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) get started and flourish from the very beginning; Inductee in the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, and a man who leaves behind an incredible, lasting legacy that will never be forgotten.

A fun shot posted in February 2014 on Facebook with my take on the caption possibility.

The VERY first work party at the creation of Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) with Mark Smith right there helping (pony tail alive and well).

Rest in peace Mark...you will live in in our hearts and minds.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

VOTE Today; and Pass on Your Passion


Do it! Vote and pass on your passion today (June 3rd) -- whatever it may be; share it; and vote for those who support what you believe in. Don't let this happen without you; our voice counts but we gotta let it rip at the polls! Stacie and I believe in many forms of freedom, and we will always VOTE for those common sense candidates who will help us pass on OUR passions and keep them alive.  

For incumbents we will check their voting record and platform statements on their websites.  We will write letters to those we question and ASK where they stand.  And we will campaign for those who believe like we do and will help us pass on our passions for the outdoors and for freedom!


Monday, May 26, 2014

Del Albright Inducted into Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame

I'm honored and humbled to say the least...I'm am joining BRC founder Clark Collins in the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (ORMHOF).  Induction Ceremony is in Vegas, Sunday Nov. 2nd.

More info here: 


Monday, January 13, 2014


Rational Apathy – The Slow Death of Outdoor Recreation

By Del & Stacie Albright

 America has become a society of media hype, slanted education and brain washing, starting with kids in daycare school learning to hug trees, tolerate excessively and not listen to their parents’ teaching.  At the same time, interests like outdoor recreation are being pushed aside for looming other priorities, some real, and some media-induced distractions purposely intended to keep us spinning in circles. We quickly lose sight of our passions and don’t even realize there is a slow death occurring.

One of our heroes, Chris W. Cox, NRA-ILA Executive Director recently wrote about “rational apathy” when it comes to the erosion of Second Amendment Rights (gun ownership issues).  In his January 2014 column he talked of how people can be concerned about only so many things at once, “so unless they perceive an immediate threat to their own interests, they ignore small infringements on their rights, allowing them to accumulate over time,” Mr. Cox said.  Certainly, this is a slow death for outdoor rights and access, particularly in our off-road world.

America is being distracted politically at nearly every turn.  When something life-changing or threatening occurs, it seems we have something more pressing and near-and-dear to our hearts to deal with – and I’ll leave it to you to fill in the political blanks.   We are at war, but all of a sudden our housing market collapses.  We lose people overseas and the economy looms over our very ability to earn a living.   Unemployment jumps off the charts, and all of a sudden a state enacts a law restricting detachable magazines in rifles. And the distractions continue on and on.

So yes, we get rationally apathetic.  Rational means we have reason, or understanding.  Apathetic means not having much emotion or interest. So when we combine these two terms, we see some Americans justifying – or rationalizing – not paying right now their membership dues in organizations, or not making donations right now to charities of concern, and in general being distracted by other issues that seem more pressing.  In the meantime, the slow death permeates every crease and corner – eventually destroying a part of our rights and access.

In reality life gets in the way and we are all distracted by one thing or another.  It’s been interesting to watch how there are plenty of scandals going on and the media is constantly using distraction tactics.  Remember Benghazi, Fast N Furious, and Extortion 17; and did Osama Bin Laden’s body really get a burial at sea?  Every one of these topics and issues has had their share of smoke and mirrors as well as media hype, while putting us in media overload.  So once again we go about our everyday lives of working, trying to sort out our priorities, and surviving by telling ourselves that somebody else will take care of it and that there is only so much we can do.

Meanwhile, the anti-access busy-bodies who are passionately dedicated to shaping the world in their own exclusionary elitist likeness continue to chip away at our rights and freedoms.  Much of the media and Hollywood types jump right in and “educate” us in the ways we “should” know – their way. We must moderate them and in some cases, we must stop them.  We must not drop our passion in the outdoor sports we love. In fact, may we suggest, “Pass On the Passion” – keep it alive.  Pass it on to kids; pass it on to elected officials; and pass it on to your favorite organizations fighting with you.

The key may be to focus on what your primary passions are. Maybe it’s gun rights and off-road;  maybe it’s land rights and access and the kids ball team; whatever it is, stay in the game and do something about saving your passions with a once-a- week commitment.  Or consider our “One for One Proposal” (http://www.delalbright.com/articles/one.htm) which suggests for every fun, outdoor day you enjoy, you write one letter, or make one phone call, or attend one meeting about landuse/politics.  Or make one donation to your favorite group like BlueRibbon Coalition or your state, sport-specific organization.

 Please do not let life’s distractions and myriad of priorities contribute to your losses and the slow death of outdoor recreation. If we pass on the passion and keep our rights and freedoms in the forefront of our lives, we can stop the slow death!  The cure is to not lose sight of your rights and freedoms!

Del & Stacie Albright, aka “Team Albright,” are authors and outdoors advocates, writing internationally on landuse, access, rights and freedom.  Learn more at www.delalbright.com.  Del is the Director of Operations for BlueRibbon Coalition (http://www.BlueRibbonCoalition.com).

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year Landuse Message

Landuse Happy New Year Message:

I cut my landuse teeth on OFF-ROAD INTERNET forums  – listening to what you have to say – going on 12 years. But now I have the ability to take what I’ve learned from you and apply it to reshaping our landuse battles nationwide. With the support of the BRC Board of Directors, I am the new Director of Operations for BRC, charged with bringing my "forum-sense" into the battles. 
But landuse is not a one-man or one-group job though; we need a team more than ever.

There are 1.5 million recorded subscribers (members) in just a dozen off-road forums (I added them up). We have a strong voice if we start shouting with it – louder and longer and more often! Sure there is overlap between forums; but still, there are a lot of us who are NOT members of organizations or clubs and there are about 200 forums out there that I didn't count. THAT is where our New Year will make a difference in our trail access when we ALL become strong supporters of those groups fighting for us.

If you truly want a Happy New Year, then realize that it starts simply with a click to join (or renew) your memberships. I hope you will start with your national umbrella group that I now direct – the BlueRibbon Coalition (http://www.BlueRibbonCoalition.com). Then add the groups and clubs that make sense to you from there.

Make this New Year the best ever….