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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rubicon Work Weekend June 26, 2010

Preparing for the Rubicon Trail -- packing the Jeep, getting the camping gear loaded up on the Olympic4x4 rack, making sure the lug nuts are tight, checking the tire pressure in the BFG's, and doing the once-over on old Red, when the moon decided to pay me a visit.  Big work party this weekend on the Rubicon Trail with the Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR), the most famous off-road coalition in the world, dedicated to just one trail -- the Icon of Four-Wheeling!
Sometimes as a photographer, the picture finds you.  It's times like these that remind me why so many of love what we do -- getting out there, exloring nature, and "seeing" what the world has to offer (off pavement).   No matter what your choice of off-road recreation is, be sure to help keep it alive for moments like this.  Join all those organizations that make sense to you, starting with the BlueRibbon Coalition ( and your state association.

FOTR folks are feeding us with a great dinner Saturday night and there is still time to sign up and help with some very productive trail work right here at :

When it comes to moments like this pic with my Jeep and the moon, my advice is simple: Take the time to see what is around you and appreciate the freedom this great country has to offer.    Del

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Truckfest Ontario, and Big Bear Forest Fest

I've had a great week down in Southern CA, starting with 4Wheel Parts Truckfest in Ontario, then tomorrow up at Big Bear by Lake Arrowhead for the Big Bear Forest Fest put on by the Inland Empire 4 Wheelers.  They are big supporters of keeping our trails open, with the BlueRibbon Coalition receiving a nice donation the past couple years from the event.

I will be staffing a BlueRibbon booth during the vendor show, so come on up if you're in the area.  Tons of goodies will be on display and you can buy raffle tickets (to further support saving trails) even if you don't go on a trail ride.  Oh, there might be some partying going on after hours as well.  ;)

I'm on an open road trip, mostly BlueRibbon work, but also just some time to enjoy my Jeep and this great country we live in. 

Hope to see you on the trails,