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Sunday, October 30, 2011

T&T Customs Kicks Down the Doors for BlueRibbon

Totally awesome Jeep Doors from T&T Customs with 10% going to BlueRibbon Coalition.  Sweet. 
Here is the pic and ad campaign that we're doing together.  So get 'em; share 'em; show 'em.  Help us help TnT continue to save trails with us.

The "Access Army" is  a virtual force of many folks, organizations, individuals, web forum heroes and anyone who wants to help save trails and keep off-road sports alive.  The Access Army supports BlueRibbon Coalition and any OHV organization needing our forces!

T&T Customs is rocking the doors off for landuse and access.  They are also are principle Jeep builders for our new Rock-Tek Suspension system.  Wow, how SWEET it is!

T&T, the Access Army, BlueRibbon Coalition, and Del-Stacie are about FREEDOM and partriotism.  Thanks to all who help. 

And don't forget, T&T and many other great businesses are with us RIGHT NOW on our TAP Tour.  Check out:
To follow us along.

Visit, buy and thank T&T Customs right here at

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Leadership in OHV Organizations, Article

This may very well be the most important column I’ve ever written.  It’s about leadership; it's about our future. 
We have a lot of great leaders in recreation, but we have no single source, unified leadership to guide us to the future. We do not give our allegience to any one group or organization. Read here to find out why, and what we can do about it.
Many years ago, a colleague of mine, Norm Lenhart of at the time, talked about what he perceived as a lack of unified leadership in our OHV communities.  Norm, as usual, made some great points.  He felt we needed a national leadership with a guiding figure – much like the role Charleston Heston served for the NRA.  
Can we have a guiding organization?  Do we have one?  Can we all follow the same "goose?" Read/download the whole article here at

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Christmas Auction for BlueRibbon Coalition Announced


Contact: Del Albright, BRC Ambassador
Phone: (209) 304-7693
Date: October, 12, 2011


POCATELLO, ID (October 12, 2011) -- BlueRibbon Coalition is excited to announce our third annual Christmas Auction to save trails and keep public lands FOR the public instead of FROM the public. The eBay bidding will start December 1st, 2011.

BRC Auctioneer Del Albright said, "I'm stoked; this auction is kickin' it for public lands and waterways. Businesses from all over have donated products and goodies to make this year's auction a record-breaker."

Raceline Wheels and WARN Industries started off filling the virtual storeroom shelves already. Get ready to see Raceline Monster Diamond Beadlocks and a WARN winch to start with. More partner-contributing businesses will include a long list of recognizable names. Stay tuned.

BRC lists hundreds of items on eBay (as donated by supporting businesses) with all proceeds benefiting their national efforts to save trails and riding areas for our continued access.

"Thanks to the vendor donations, not only is each winning bidder getting some awesome product, they are also contributing to our winning team," said Greg Mumm, Executive Director of BRC. "This annual eBay auction significantly beefs up our ability to fight back," Greg added.

More on BlueRibbon Coalition here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Team Degenerates Win Team Challenge at Off Road Expo

Sunday Oct. 9th at the Pomona Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo, the Team Degenerates won the title, took first place, and walked away with awesome prizes at the Team Challenge for Best Prepared Trail Rig.

(photos by Steve Egbert)

Raceline Wheels donated the polished trophies and kicked in first place prize with a set of Allied Rock-A-Thon Steel Beadlocks.

John Stewart, Cal4 Natural Resources Consultant and owner of served as my Chief Judge. Stacie Albright performed as reining champion team judge -- the Team Degenerates judge (again).
Greg Mulkey mc'd with me and was our host Sponsor, Raceline Wheels, for the Challenge for the third time.

The three teams this year were Team Degenerates (1st place): Team MetalCloak JK Adventure (2nd place); and Team Poly Performance (3rd place).

The Team Challenge is like a scavenger hunt on the rigs to see who can find a trail item the fastest and get it to the judge first.  Sponsors included:

Title Sponsor: Raceline Wheels

Product and Gift Certificate Sponsors:  Trail-Gear; MetalCloak; Tuffy Security Products; BDS Suspensions; Inner Air Locks; Dirt Tricks (Ironman Sprockets); Bushwacker; and Trasharoo.

Crowd Pleaser Goodies:  sPOD, SpiderTrax; Trail-Gear; Off Road Evolution; Wheelers for Warriors; Torq Development (Super 14); ToyTec; and OutbackUSA.

Thanks to all the teams, judges and sponsors for a great time and a fun contest -- all about landuse, saving trails and making it fun in the process.