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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Solutions for Saving Off-Road Recreation -- Uniting and Banding Together (UBT)

by Del Albright

Part I: Uniting and Banding Together (UBT)....The Future of OHV Recreation Depends Directly on Us!  Our freedoms are at stake in the and backcountry explorers need to band together and unite like never before because there are just too many people who don't understand or appreciate what we do; and they want to close us down! STOP the madness; KEEP the fun alive; and be part of the solution with me...Ignited We Stand like our friends from SEMA say. Get ignited and stand with your fellow off-roaders and outdoor recreationists -- and realize no one else is really out there doing it for you!  Learn about why your trails and access are in jeopardy.  Learn why the wrong politicians can ruin what we have.  Get ignited.

Part II: Uniting and Banding Together (UBT) in our sports -- Our Fight Back Strategies Must Evolve!  Much like an off-road rig grows and evolves over time, our fight back strategies to keep our trails open have to evolve. We must take a national perspective and apply large scale solutions at the local level, with local clubs and folks who are vested in their sport and their area. But we must do this together; united; banded together; and become members of every group that makes sense to us. Join those groups that make sense to you and who are actively fighting for you -- even if they are not perfect.  Start with the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) at  Join up!

Part III: Uniting and Banding Together (UBT), Get in the Game or Give Me Your Keys!  Getting in the game, even if you have to get angry to do it, is ok with me. Here's a blog from an angry landuse partner who wants the keys to your 4x4/OHV. He's got a plan; and he's got a statement, albeit it's a bit harsh for some, it is worth reading because so much of what he says is true. Read Jerry's blog right here:

Part IV: Uniting and Banding Together (UBT); Firing Volunteers. Harsh words, I know - to fire a volunteer (or paid landuse/organizational person for that matter) is a huge step we don't like to take, but the time is now to take it where needed. If your club or group has someone bringing everyone else down, and if you can't fix them, FIRE THEM! Yes, try to fix them first, of course. But some egos can't be overcome and some volunteers will never quite fit in or follow the will of the majority. They gotta go if you expect to survive as a group, or if you expect to keep the sport alive. Whatever you do, do not let saving trails take a second seat to someone saving face. 
Here is more on filtering out the "possibles, partners and poops."

Stay tuned for more on this plan to save our sports and our trails.  Please feel free to share it, post it, and comment on what else we can's up to us.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013



1. Legal Issues; from the Eldorado National Forest to the shores of New Jersey, check out what our largest legal effort in OHV recreation is doing, with BRC's legal team here:

2.  United FWDA:  raffles, jeep blessings, landuse updates, e-news, Carnegie SVRA and more, here:

3.  BRC, BlueRibbon Coalition:  a whole new look; an improved mission and presence nationwide, and your home for landuse and access alerts, news and battles.

More on my blog here:

4.  After Market Affairs: whether your're an off-roader, a classic car bug, or a car hobbiest who needs after market products, SEMA Government Affairs are out there fighting for us and with us.   Learn more about SEMA here:

5.  Ocotillo Wells: southern CA desert, affecting all of us in this lawsuit; more here:

5.  Imperial Sand Dunes (Algodones): BLM issues RAMP, more here:; and here is the take on this from the American Sand Association:

6.  Independence Day:  "bread and circuses," the Roman Empire said as long as people had food and fun, they would not worry much about the erosion of their nation (borrowed from Brad Thor's book, The Apostle).  The current erosion of the USA includes the dismantling of our recreational freedoms, especially OHV recreation, by motor.  Will we sit by, especially when we are celebrating July 4th, Independence Day, and let our access be butchered by exclusionary elitists (borrowed from Stacie Albright quote)???  More about what July 4th means here:
###  All for now....Team Albright


July 3, 2013 Blog by Del Albright

The national grassroots champions of responsible recreational use of public lands and waterways has a new and updated look, with a revised and aggressive mission to keep public lands open to the public!  I LIKE!

You will still see the classic logo floating around, but this new one is updated, spot on and easy to find on web pages and blogs.

But here's the deal,'s about the fact that BRC is kickin' it in so many fronts that they are known far and wide.  But THEY are really US.  It's the individual members that keep BRC afloat and a'fightin'.  If you have not renewed or joined or donated lately, I'm asking you to do that NOW.

People who don't like us want your keys.  They want you to park it.  And I say forget-about-it.  Let's continue to help BRC grow in these trying times.  Join, Renew and/or Donate here:

Just so you know, by doing this you help assure that I, for one, stay in the fight with you!
thanks, Del

Monday, July 1, 2013



Del Albright Blog, July 2013

I fought for it; many of my family members have fought for it or suffered right along with those who fought; and many of you have done the same. 

 What exactly does Independence Day mean?  July 4th parades and celebrations?  Fireworks?  Freedom?  Sure; all of that.  

 Fourth of July is a federal holiday where we set aside room in our hearts and minds to remember adopting the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.    People died then over this; and people still die over this Declaration.   It’s just a resolution to stand apart from tyranny, oppression, or from those who persecute – a resolution worth dying for.

Our local 4x4 club will celebrate in style by parading in our small town, decorated in Red, White and Blue.  People will laugh; throw candy; ride in Jeeps and cars waving at the crowd; and celebrate that we can even do this.

 Our country has many traditions, but this one stands tall in my heart….let’s get out there America, and tell the world that we continue to be free; will always be free; and will fight anyone who tries to change that!

Mokelumne Hill, Calaveras County, CA; July 4th parade with the Motherlode Rockcrawlers 4x4 Club.