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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Water (drinking) for your Trail Rig (the Hydra)

I can't say enough about having water with you at all times, for your safety and health. Water is the best thing going for us. So OK, it's not the only thing in your ice chest – but it's the most important. And if you want more room in your ice chest, plus want more water along, you gotta get one of these Hydra goodies.

The Hydra from Rompalicious is a perfect alternative to all those pesky water bottles that flop all over the place and out onto the trail without notice. The Hydra holds two and a half gallons of fresh water and straps easily to the back of the seat or on a roll bar so it takes up a lot less room than all those plastic bottles which makes it easier to store more important things like tools and extra parts. 

Read my whole write up on the Hydra from Rompalicious right here:

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