Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Elite Internet Army Needed – Help with Land Use and Access

On behalf of the BlueRibbon Coalition and my role as an Ambassador for BRC, I offer you a chance to become part of an elite team of access soldiers. BRC Senior Staff, Stacie and I are launching an effort to build a better network of communications in the Internet/Blog world for access and land use issues.

We are determined to experiment with a variety of ways to improve Internet communications, help you better understand the recreational world, and provide you the opportunity to make a
huge difference in saving our trails and our sports. We are looking to find a few select individuals to become the eyes and ears of our access efforts, in particular our BlueRibbon Kickin' Access Technology Team (KAT Team).

The job is easy – post, listen, lurk, communicate and notify. There is no cost to you; you only gain. J We are hoping to take advantage of what you already do in the web world. We need to expand our army and improve communications across the board – and across the Internet world. You can help.

This effort will help all access oriented organizations, and in particular improve our network of communications in the BlueRibbon Coalition – the one-of-a-kind, national grassroots, multiple-use recreation organization. As KAT Team members key into hot topics, be they 4x4, dirt bike, buggy, atv, snowmobile, sand, or UTV, we will find the right folks to include in a solution or communication exchange.

Help us put to rest the unrest by improving and enhancing the entire off-road Internet communications world.

Here's what it takes to be part of the KAT Team:


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