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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is There a Universal Symbol for Motorized Recreation?

A Symbol for Responsible Motorized Recreationists

By Del & Stacie Albright

Stacie and I are tired of seeing turtles on the back windows of cars and trucks. The turtle represents (in many cases) the anti‐access attitude and philosophy. We’re sure you’ve seen them (they’re everywhere). We feel it’s time for us, motorheads, to have a symbol – a symbol for access for all, for motors in the backcountry, for responsible access. We’re starting an initiative to find that symbol. We want your help.

The turtle's shell resembled a dome and was seen as a symbol of the dome of heaven ‐hence heavenly virtue. Generally the turtle is seen to represent: self‐containment, creative source, earthiness, being grounded, longevity, protection, shelter, and a steady approach to life. For us, it means closures and restrictions from what we've seen.

So we feel we need a symbol (that can live right along your favorite organization stickers) that the world will begin to recognize as responsible recreation – access for all. We may not agree on what organizations to belong to. We may not agree on what lawsuits to file or not file. We may not agree on who’s on first or who’s in charge. But can’t we agree on one symbol that says: Responsible Access; Access for All; Motors in the Backcountry; Freedom to travel and recreate; No More Gates; etc.

This will be organization indifferent and all encompassing. This will not be a particular rig or type of vehicle. This could be an animal that we PROMOTE as representing us. This could be about anything that we can all stand behind as OUR symbol of OUR access and freedom.

So in order to develop this idea, we want your help.We hope you will jump in with your best thoughts, even those of you with Mohawks, cold ones in hand, pool parties, and other priorities.

Read the whole concept and suggested steps here:
Thanks, Del & Stacie, Kickin' Access Team

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