Friday, September 25, 2009

Friends Groups -- saving trails together -- How to.

I get asked often about saving trails with a "friends" type group (or coalition).  It's easy to do and very powerful.  Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) is the most famous friends group in the country and the largest coalition ever formed to save just one trail -- the Rubicon Trail.  Here's why friends groups work so well.

Friends groups set aside club issues and bring everyone together under one banner.

Friends groups are usually multiple use (wheeling, dirt bikes, hunting, fishing, atv's, etc. and access in general).

Friends groups become the central point of contact for agency folks (USFS; BLM). It makes it easier for all of us to work together.

Friends groups become powerful proponents of public lands (quickly), recognized by the agencies as the folks to deal with!  Let alone that friends groups are the ones that get the work done.

Go here to learn more and see how (step by step) to start a friends group (or coalition) for your trail or riding area:


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