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Monday, September 7, 2009

Vendor Showcase: Rubicon Express

Rubicon Express produces trail-tuff gear and equipment to make your rig do what you want it to do, on the trail and off.  We have had Rubicon Express kits, suspension gear, and long-arm components for many years on Red ('97 TJ) and we can't say enough good about them.  The folks at RE are very helpful when you call and need advice and which parts would best help you to get the most from your rig. 
Check out this JK adjustable track bar from Rubicon Express.
RE specializes in Jeep lift kits and suspension parts that are made to handle the toughest of trails -- like the Rubicon Trail which we do several times every summer.  This stuff holds up to abuse.  It's well made and strong as heck. 
Rubicon Express is one of our Premier Sponsors and we're proud to have this awesome product family on our Jeep.  Check them out at

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