Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Carnegie SVRA Rally and Ride

The hills were alive with the sounds of dirt bikes!!  It was awesome.  Yesterday's rally at Carnegie State Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA) was a huge success.  The judge's order to close the park has already had a stay of a couple weeks and we're fighting to get the park back FULLY open in short order.

This is one of those bordering on silly situations -- but enough is enough, and silly or not, the OHV community is sick of being pushed around.  The FIGHT BACK attitude is alive and well.

Don Amador shows what a hoax this judge's order is...

Del and Don in the BlueRibbon booth with local riders who support BlueRibbon and Carnegie SVRA.

It was about the kids...and there were plenty of kids in riding gear on the stage to show the press how we want to have something for our kids and their motorized recreation future.

Side Note:  no matter what eco-situations we have or don't have on the ground where ever we recreate, it has been proven over and over that WE are ready, willing and ABLE to step up and fix it!  As volunteers, we are proven source of passionate and dedicated workers capable of drawing on our vast resources to fix any problem thrown at us.  Closure is not necessary; and not an option!!!

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