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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daystar Supports Land Use and BlueRibbon Coalition

Tired of seeing your favorite off-road areas closed by environmental lobbyist efforts? Are you sick of being hassled by law-enforcement officials as they try to enforce the often vague laws concerning tire coverage? Daystar’s new mud flaps let others know your feelings on these subjects loud and clear: “Four Wheeling is Not a Crime!”

Daystar’s universal Mud Flaps keep your vehicle legal while expressing your opinion in bold letters. Most states have some sort of law concerning tire coverage, and many require mud flaps on pickups and SUVs even though they may not be present on a factory vehicle (which complies with federal regulations.) It seems a little coincidental when enforcement of these tire coverage rules is practically non-existent until a big four-wheeling event takes place. Then law enforcement suddenly becomes fanatical about obscure laws concerning tire coverage, sometimes to the point of borderline harassment of law-abiding four-wheeling enthusiasts.

Daystar’s “Four Wheeling is Not a Crime” Mud Flaps stop the harassment by providing adequate tire coverage and complying with laws concerning mud flaps. Rather than rubber, which can deteriorate over time, Daystar’s mud flaps are constructed of high-strength Polyurethane material. Polyurethane is resistant to vehicle fluids, road grime, and Magnesium Chloride (a de-icing material). At 5/16” thick, Daystar’s Mud Flaps are tough and designed to last for years in punishing environments. They are a universal fit and are designed to work with commonly available bracket systems.

Daystar’s “Four Wheeling is Not a Crime” Mud Flaps are available in black but can be ordered with red letters (KU71087RE), blue letters (KU71087RB), or yellow letters (KU71087YL). They are sold in pairs. A portion of the proceeds for all mud flaps will be donated to the Blue Ribbon Coalition in order to assist with the fight to keep trails open. For more information on the Blue Ribbon Coalition, go to
Buy these mud flaps at Daystar here:

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