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Monday, February 15, 2010

King of the Hammers; a Land Use Perspective

BlueRibbon Coalition sent me to Griffin King of the Hammers to be the Land Use Emporium guy and seminar host/moderator.  I was BLOWN away by this awesome event.  I could blog hours on how this is a shining example of our sport taken to the next level, while still embracing simple things like recycling and pack it out.

To keep my blog short, let me hit the highlights:

The organization and staff of KOH was incredible and efficient.

One local reporter said 28,000 folks were in attendance; Jeff Knoll and I were thinking around 22,000. No matter. It's HUGE.  It's the biggest thing I've ever been too, and well done to boot.

The lakebed and trails were left cleaner than when the crew got there.
I lead the cleanup of Sledge and I can attest to the fact that our off-road folks are getting the message and not leaving behind big messes.

Cal4 ran the recycling program (KOH idea) and kept the money for land use issues.

Over 100 volunteers help put on the race.

Over 100 vendors provided and shared their wares and goodies with booths, vans, trucks and displays.

The land use seminar was more about FREEDOM -- and will be posted (recored version) on Pirate4x4.  John Stewart (Cal4), Todd Ockert (Access Army), and Jacquelyne Bebe Theisen (FOTR) were on the panel with me.

100 drivers started and about half finished.  There was only 28 seconds between first and second.
Loren Healy from Farmington, NM was crowned King of the Hammers.

Loren on stage with his team, getting crowned KING.  From Farmington, NM, Loren drives a Jimmy's 4x4 rig with a 365ci motor.

BlueRibbon Coalition off-road Champion, Brad Lovell, Lovell Racing, took a shining Second Place, only 28 seconds behind the winner.

Greg Mulkey from Raceline Wheels (Allied) presented KOH organizers Jeff Knoll and David Cole with Racer's Choice awards.  Sweet.

Friends of Johnson Valley were there and benefited from a nice Saturday morning breakfast prepared by

Poison Spyder was there with their great products and awesome support of our new Access Army.

Jason Scherer (L) and Shannon Campbell (R) stood with Loren Healy with co-driver Rodney Woody, all the Kings in Court.

Here's the King's buggy, # 667, in Sledge, gettin' it and looking good.

Loren was another of the BFGoodrich Tire drivers, like the top 12 winners were using.  BFG's kicked it in 2010.  Wow.

The best place to get more of a report and see videos is on Pirate4x4 here:

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