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Monday, March 1, 2010

IH8MUD Rocks the World with March MUDness for Landuse

This is from our friends at, Brian "Woody" Swearingen owner.  They are rocking us with a huge donation program from the members of the forum.  NEW members are welcome.  Join up just to support the cause if nothing else.  :)
Get a forum Silver Star at the same time.
thank you Woody and the great folks at

March 'MUDness and Blue Ribbon Coalition!!

I've supported Blue Ribbon Coalition for years, and I know many of the members of IH8MUD have as well.

This is your opportunity to upgrade your forum status to Silver Star AND 100% of your subscription goes to Blue Ribbon!!


Starting TODAY, March 1st, any CHECK mailed in for a Silver Star will be donated 100% to the Blue Ribbon Coalition!

You can finally get your first can extend your current star for another can donate a star to a friend...or you can simply donate!

ALSO, for 3 days only, March 15-16-17, all Paypal Silver Star Subscriptions will be 100% donated to Blue Ribbon Coalition!!

Simply put....if 250 people mail in checks or renew via Paypal, I will cut a check for $5000 to the Blue Ribbon Coalition, courtesy of the membership of IH8MUD. The more who Subscribe, the bigger the donation!

Paypal transactions MUST occur on one of those three dates...if your star renewed in February, you can extend for another year. If you have a continuing subscription set up, you can STILL add a year on during this time. If your membership expires March 12, you can either 'stall' your renewal until the promotion dates OR mail a check in now!

FINALLY...Paypal takes a fee from every transaction...while I REALLY prefer everyone does this via check, I know some will prefer the ease of Paypal...IH8MUD will 'absorb' these Paypal fees and 100% of your $20 subscription will be forwarded to Blue Ribbon.

GET THOSE CHECKS MAILED IN! Payable to (and be SURE to include username(s) in the comment line!)
813 E Harrison St
Appleton, WI 54915

Disclaimers: You can only join or extend for one year. Users can only receive one donated star, any duplicates will be considered an open donation to BRC. Any Paypal subscriptions received after 11:59pm on March 17th will not be included in the donation. Any USPS mailed-in subscriptions postmarked after March 17th will not be included. This does NOT include a membership in Blue Ribbon Coalition.

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