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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Off-Road Champions Make Video for BlueRibbon Coalition

Check out the new video of a great batch of off-road champions and businesses, pitching it up for BlueRibbon Coalition, including Dustin Webster, Lance Clifford, Big Rich Klein, Greg Mulkey, Brad and Roger Lovell, Mike Klensin, Shannon Campbell, and Victor Angon.

We're talking about top names helping to promote the biggest, bad dog on the block -- the BlueRibbon Coalition.  See the video and then make sure you join up or add a year to your membership, or get some of your buds to join.  These folks are telling us we need to strenghten this national grass roots organization more than ever. 

See it here:

Awesome,  thanks to all these folks/businesses for helping to build the strongest coalition ever...

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