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Monday, April 5, 2010

Volunteer Internet Warriors Wanted -- KAT Team for BRC

I am looking for a “few good folks” to join an elite team of Internet warriors. Check this out and see if you’re a fit for this team we’re building for BlueRibbon Coalition and access in general.

We offer you a chance to become part of an elite team of access soldiers. We are launching an effort to build a better network of communications in the Internet/Blog and social network world for access and land use issues. It’s called the Kickin’ Access Technology (KAT) Team.

We are experimenting with a variety of ways to help you better understand our recreational world and how you can make a huge difference in saving our trails and our sports. We are focused on the internet, social networks and forums. We need more volunteers posting up access information on forums and networks around the country.

Here's what it takes to be part of the KAT Team:

1. A member of BlueRibbon Coalition (and other groups as appropriate)

2. A frequent visitor of a forum/thread for which you would become in charge of for land use issues appropriate for BRC involvement or comment.

3. Be the primary contact for a thread/forum and be willing to post BRC and access Alerts and news to blogs and forums. Posting alerts and news would be one of your primary jobs (helping to communicate with the Internet world).

4. Be willing to be the “eyes and ears” for the KAT Team on at least one major forum or thread, connecting back to Del when advanced BRC input is needed.

Read more here and see if you’d like to apply:


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