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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Forest Service Waives Fees on Veterans Day

USDA Forest Service waives fees on Veterans Day

WASHINGTON, October 29, 2010 -- Upcoming Veterans Day, November 11, marks the fourth time this year that the U.S. Forest Service is offering national fee waivers on recreation sites.
"The Forest Service is working to ensure as many visitors as possible have the opportunity to experience the great outdoors and take advantage of the many recreational activities national forests have to offer," said U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell. "By waiving fees, everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonder and rejuvenation of recreation on national forests and grasslands."
PERSONAL NOTE from Del:  I'd like to think the feds were doing this to honor veterans and their families, but alas, NO, that is not the case.  I'm disappointed to say the least.  It's just a nice day to waive fees I guess.  They've done it before on various holidays.  There is no mention of our military personnel in their press release.   Read more here:
While I appreciate the USDA Forest Service dumping fees for a day, I am disgusted they didn't at least honor our wounded, missing and gone military folks who have served this country and for whom this day is supposed to be dedicated.

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