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Monday, November 15, 2010

Public Lands to be all National Parks?

The BLM is attempting to turn into a pseudo-park system according to some watchers of government. In fact, Dave Skinner, a Montana based writer, in RANGE magazine (Winter 2011 issue) said the current plan for BLM from the Obama Administration called, Our Vision, Our Values, “ lays out a long-term strategy of empire building on a colossal scale, including a complete transformation of the BLM away from its historic multiple use mission in to the world’s largest zoo.”
BlueRibbon Coalition, Public Lands Department, headed by Brian Hawthorne, has reported and advised on the changes in public lands administration, as well as the dangers for motorized access, since the Babbitt/Clinton days. 
Bottom line: BLM is headed towards a landscape where historic uses like mining and grazing will be a thing of the past, and motorized recreation certainly discouraged, if not forbidden in many places.    Time for tolerance of government stealing our heritage has run out. Time for action is here!
Note that the Treasured Landscape and AGOI described below are moving targets;  not done deals.  BRC and other groups are engaged to protect multiple use/sustained yield.  The following pages/links will be updated when needed so you should stay tuned.
Here are my observations and summaries to help put this in perspective.
Dave Skinner called the beginning of this mess, the Babbitt/Clinton “Monument Orgy.”   Because they couldn’t turn all of BLM into one big National Park,  today we are facing initiatives and administrative things that just sound like closure.
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