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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Omnibus Bill is an End Run Around Public


Please take a moment and MAKE A CALL to your Senators about the lame duck Omnibus Bill about to hit us.
I am asking for phone calls and not emails as this is THAT important (and time sensitive).  Make a quick call and tell them NO Omnibus Bill – because:
1.      There’s not been any real public debate or input and even if the bill has some good stuff in it, we, the public need time to digest and review it.
2.      This is being shoved through (down our throats) in too big a hurry.  It’s not the way government was intended to work.
3.      The bill contains multiple land designations that merely CLOSE us out of our public lands – we need time to review, digest, comment, and CHANGE the language.  It certainly does not represent the will of the public.
4.      This thing contains vast spending measures that are not relevant to public land access.
5.      Basically this is a unilateral agenda to close millions of acres of public lands – YOUR land.

My friends in the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) have a great Action Alert with more information here and a link where you can get the phone number for YOUR SENATOR here:

PLEASE make that call right now.
Thank you,

Save your trails (SaveMyTrails)
Cal4Wheel (CA4WDC)

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mr. Albright:
    Have read your most recent editorial in the March, 2011, FOUR WHEELER magazine. I am a retired geologist, and quite naturally I love rocks, minerals, fossils, and all other natural products of this wonderful planet called earth, since I have depended directly on it to make my living for me for the past 45 years!

    Did not know whether or not you, and thousands of other four wheel/off road enthusiasts are aware of it, but you have some very strong allies that completely agree with you when it comes to the issue of the rights of the individual U.S. citizen to have unfettered access to our public lands for recreactional activities! Our interests in the great outdoors and public lands, primarily in the Western U.S., conicide with those of the members of "four wheeler" clubs also across this nation! Many of us have joined an organization call AMERICAN LANDS ACCESS ASSOCIATION [ALAA], in order to oppose this federal land "lock-up" and "hijacking" being orchestrated by some of the liberal, environmental extremists operating out of Washington, D.C., and other extremely liberal
    hideouts. The main point in all of this is that most all of us "rockhounds" are sick and tired ,and just plain "fed up" with the FEDS blocking our access to, and use of, these public lands.

    My personal opinion, from the standpoint of a professional geologist, is that I see a cadre of well-funded and downright wealthy individuals, who, in the name of doing "good" have taken up as a "cause celebre",and are trying to "protect" nature from all impact by man. And, to get their agenda implemented, they are well-funded enough to have taken control of the state governments of California and Colorado, and maybe a few others. Of course, any of us who know about nature, know that nature always has the last say, and will, repair herself from far greater "destruction" than anything man can imagine! It has happened countless times in the geologic past, and in spite of ALL the things the "protectors" of the environment can do to "protect" her, nature is always changing and self-destructing and re-creating herself!

    As a result of last fall's elections we now have new strong ally in Washington. He is Representative Rob Bishop [R.,Utah], and according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, Rep. Bishop will become the new Chairman of the subcommittee that oversees federal lands, the Natural Resources Committee's panel on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands. According to the article, Rep. Bishop issued a "call-to-arms on behalf of farmers, ranchers, and miners that have tussled with the federal government in recent years over the use of public land".

    Other quotes from Rep. Bishop are as follows:

    "the federal government has place "inequit-
    able burdens" on "communities that rely on
    access to our nation's natural resources and

    "Over the past two years, our nation's public
    land users, industries, and many local rural
    economies essential to the future vitality
    of our country have been unduly targeted by
    an administration working in concert with
    radical special interests".

    "Multiple use and the responsible stewardship
    of our federally managed lands are NOT

    "The interests of all parties and stakeholders
    can and should be recognized in the develop-
    ment of our natural resource policies".

    James H. [Jim] Archer