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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Volunteer Training Freedom Deal (online)

Online volunteer training course SALE -- all throughout July get RLTC for 2/3's off.
$50 for the whole course.

Nothing else like it in the whole country.  One of a kind training  for leadership, volunteerism and event organization.
Work at your own pace.  All done online.

Get 35 years of tips, tricks and secrets to managing and working with volunteers.  Learn 10 new things to help your club stay viable.  Get at least 3 new public speaking tips.   Learn the inside trick to managing events with the RICS system, like the command system used by the fire service all over the USA.  And gain invaluable communication tools that will help you in private, work and volunteer life.

Go here for more:
Drop me a note any time if you want to start the course.  Arrangements can be made to start now; pay later.

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