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Monday, August 8, 2011

Trail Access Partnership Tour (TAPT) Open to Public

 Landuse Fun Tour Open to Public -- join Del & Stacie on a wheeling adventure in November!!!

BlueRibbon Coalition fun convoy tour starting at SEMA, going to Hump n Bump in Logandale, NV, then Parker, AZ for Desert Splash! Jump in for all or part of the tour. Additional wheeling stops may be included as we continue to plan the Tour.

Support landuse; have fun; hang with the big boys like Nemesis Industries, T&T Customs, Daystar and other partner businesses. Campfire stories will be unequalled!

Nothing too structured; just fun tagging along with each other and special invites to dinners, meetings, special wheeling trails and more. All we ask is that you support landuse and responsible trail access to be part of our Tour.

RSVP to me or on Facebook even if you only want to keep up with the fun and plans.

Facebook page here:

Come along; join the fun.

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