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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NAMRC Supports CAMRC to Save Johnson Valley, CA


 October 31st, yesterday, the North American Recreation Council, NAMRC, in Las Vegas, NV in conjunction with SEMA,  made Johnson Valley and the Hammers a top priority action item.  NAMRC will basically follow the lead of CAMRC (the Calif. Motorized Recreation Council), and provide national support of JV efforts.  Whatever letter-writing, donations and action items that CAMRC puts together for a Strategic Plan, NAMRC will follow suite and jump in with national organizational support to fight for Johnson Valley.  This is SWEET news to those who love this unique place – and ask that the Marines go someplace else for whatever training needs they might have.

More on NAMRC on Cal4wheel’s website here:

More on the “Hammers” and the Hammerdown email list at

(NAMRC is hosted by SEMA every year; facilitator provided by BlueRibbon Coalition)

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