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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Landuse Book from Team Albright

We have decided it’s time to write a book on landuse – Shortcuts to Landuse for Beginners, or Landuse 101, something to that affect.  First draft is close to done.  We plan to make it FREE to OHV friendly folks wanting to know more about landuse and access. 

 It will take 30 years of landuse/access activism and writing (first publication for Del dates back to 1981) and condense it into a short and sweet handbook on saving trails and waterways.    The book will include every tip, trick, and tap dance you need to know to help keep our outdoor sports alive and well, including how-to shortcuts on writing letters, dealing with bureaucracy, public speaking, running meetings, keeping a club healthy, knowing what organizations to join and support, care and feeding of volunteers, leadership in the off-road world, sharing trails, a little bit on NEPA and politicians, event organization, and tons of other little tricks.

We are working with Ryan Williams of RTW Graphics in Sacramento, CA (Facebook page here:!/pages/RTW-Graphics/106682312735907?sk=info) to create a unique cartoon representation of “keeping the bureaucratic rain off our public lands,” which will be the book’s motto.  Ryan is amazing.  Wait until you see what’s he’s got in store.

We are going to make ad space available to businesses (to help support the cause and book publication).  Many off-road businesses have already expressed an interest in supporting the book.

Hopefully, this handbook will end up being only about 40 – 50 pages, providing just the meat of landuse topics, with links and references for further research and reading.  Bullet points are used a lot, as are outline lists of the key solutions to keeping public lands open.  Stay tuned for the release hopefully before TDS Desert Safari 2012  (March).


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