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Monday, August 13, 2012



What?  It’s ok to do this to a mountain top visible from a main highway, but it’s “offensive” to have a few off-road trails running up the side of a hill alongside a California freeway?  You gotta be kidding me, right?
Exclusionary wacko radicalists claim OHV damage every time they turn around, yet in the winter they are usually the first ones to “hit the slopes” for some downhill and cross-country skiing.  Oh, the mountain top and pristine meadow ski lane destruction is covered by snow, so it’s not visible.  I guess that makes it OK?  NOT.

These slobbering hypocrites make me wanna puke.  I can’t say it any clearer.   It’s ok if it’s “their way,” but it’s not ok if it’s the OHV way.  Heck even responsible recreation means nothing to them.  All these radicals understand is closure – and having the backcountry all to themselves.  Baloney….is what I say.  Their form of sharing the backcountry amounts to nothing but a hate crime trying to exclude us from the outdoors.  I’m sick of it.

The point is, we can’t win over this sort of radical wackos.  So we must FIGHT BACK with extreme prejudice – with our membership numbers; with our voices raised high in unison; with our pocket books; and with our votes for candidates who see through this kind of mind-numbing idiocy.

Here are the THREE THINGS we should all do right now:

11.        JOIN and RENEW in every group you believe in, like the BlueRibbon Coalition and your State association – send an extra donation if you can;

22.       VISIT and SUPPORT The Trail PAC ( to help get some tuned-into-our-side politicians in the 2012 elections; and

33.       BECOME an ADVOCATING AMBASSADOR for your sport, your trail, and your LIFE in the great outdoors.  Watch for my next blog with more on being an Advocating Ambassador…let your voice be heard, locally, regionally and nationally.  Let NOT the wacko radicals rule the world…..

(Photo by Stacie Albright)

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