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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


By Del Albright

Allow them to run freely forever by giving our kids the tools, education, opportunities and good examples they need in their growth.   Don't let unnecessary and silly bureaucratic baloney mess up their chances for fun in life.

Yes, some rules are always necessary, but this society of ours has gotten screwy in some areas when it comes to trying to regulate us and our children.  I've seen freedom of choice battered down to near nothing in some cases.  We should always be able to choose and allow (choose our way of life and allow what we want to happen to us, within reason).

America is founded in freedom.  Freedom means having choices and reasonable decision-making chances.  Our military is strong because individuals are able to act decisively, improvise, adapt and overcome. They got that way from a freedom-based upbringing. Let's keep it that way.

Mis-guided politicians, influenced by well-funded exclusionary elitist groups are taking away chunks of our land, piece by piece (Wilderness, etc.), and chopping away at our freedoms (guns, helmets, choice of schools, riding gear, etc.).  We have to talk to, teach, and guide our kids to grow up to be sensible, thinking adults.  Don't expect your public schools to do that.

What can we do to help our kids maintain our OHV way of life?  First off, make sure you are a member of those groups that are involved in your form of recreation.  Read their literature and share it with your kids.  Get involved in kids programs in your state or regional association.  Be active in getting them involved early.

Secondly, always set a good example.  That means to show the "right way" in driving, camping, attitude, trail ethics, gun use, drinking, campfires, you name it.  Be the example that will help save the future.

And third, correct bad situations on the spot!  Don't let things get worse by hoping they'll go away.  Fix it!

OHV recreation should always be a "kids zone" where they have fun, learn to experience the great outdoors, and grow up doing something besides couch activities.

##  Del


  1. I agree on almost everything. Helmets. Remember when seat belts weren't required? Now, if I remember correctly, you are a retired firefighter. You have to agree that fatalities decreased. If that mandate hadn't happened, we'd still be pulling dead people off the floorboards of cars like it was 1960.People didn't have enough sense to buckle up until they were told too, now it's second nature. Same is true with helmets. Yes, I'm a firefighter and a rider. I'll get off my soapbox now. Del, keep up the great work with the BBC.

  2. Some rules are for sure necessary, as I mentioned. I guess my main concern is that we don't let gov'mt take the place of responsible adults who are supposed to look after their kids and keep them safe. I guess I could do a whole other blog on adults and responsibility...hmmmm, maybe I should? Some folks take no responsibility for their own mistakes and actions -- sue McDonalds for coffee too hot; sue the fire department because they were fired for incompetency; sue Uncle Sam for not putting in a red light instead of a stop sign, when they didn't stop goes on.

  3. My girls always love coming out with me in the Jeep. They especially enjoy riding in the front and getting "big girl alone time with Dad" when its just the two of us. I hope when they are older they share my passion for off-roading and join a club and they seem to like the idea so far!