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Thursday, October 17, 2013



A Hashtag (pound sign) provides world-wide tracking of posts, grouping of messages and a searching tool in messages for key topics. #teamalbright is what we use for our Del & Stacie internet presence -- Team Albright.  So here's our contest: Tweet #teamalbright (use Twitter and use the hashtag) with what you like about what we do, or what you think is unique, and WIN goodies if we select your Tweet.

Contest ends Monday, 5 pm, October 21st.  Winners will be selected based on originality; if your tweet makes us smile; and some arbitrary pulling out of the hat.  This is just for fun (and to see how well this Hashtag stuff works). Winners will get to choose from three prizes:

 1.  Autographed poster of Team Albright, 5x7 or 8x10.

2.  Autographed copy of our Landuse and Volunteerism book, mailed free to your doorstep.


  3.  Bag of stickers and decals (swag).  We'll pull a bunch from our partner/sponsor box of goodies and send them to you for your collection (or your kids).  ;)

So TWEET away; Tweet #teamalbright and say something that will catch our attention.  I will follow your Tweets using the Hashtag from Hootsuite and Twitter.   Thanks, Del

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