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Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Bit of Land Use History with Today's Need for Uniting our Voices

A Bit of Land Use History

From Snail Mail to Email 

by Del Albright

(I think it's time to bring back the LUN)

On October 31, 1994 Senator Feinstein pushed through legislation called the Desert Protection Act that added about eight (8) million acres of Wilderness in 69 new Wilderness areas in the CA desert -- locking up thousands of miles of backcountry roads and trails, killing jobs, and stealing public lands from the public -- in effect, stealing our heritage to the historical past so many of us love to explore by motorized vehicles.

That same day, Del Albright started writing clubs and groups all over the country -- email was still too new to use. Over 700 letters were sent proclaiming the need for national cooperation, landuse involvement and motorized recreation cohesiveness. The Land Use Network (LUN) was born. As people got email accounts, the LUN began to grow quickly with email taking over as the primary way to communicate and orchestrate a "fight back" attitude. provided the first platform and Internet spot for the LUN to grow and fight back. LUN was dedicated to:

Responsible multiple-use of lands and resources.

Non-use of appropriate areas.

Education of our peers, the public and our politicians.

Conservation of resources and opportunities to enjoy them.

By 1997 LUN consisted of 150 organizations and clubs nationwide that included all aspects of off highway recreation: 4x4, ATV, equestrians, rockhounds, motorcycles, mountain bikes, snowmobiles, hunter and anglers. A nationwide campaign was developed and started called Blitz '97 with the purpose stated to Unite, Inform and Act.

Del developed a new way to look at the word MULTIPLE-USE:

M = Muster support in congress

U = Use letters, email, fax, and personal contacts to make a difference and state your opinion

L = Look for opportunities to advocate for your sport

T = Team up with other advocates/users in your area to magnify your position

L = Leap ahead of anti-multiple use efforts

E = Expose elected officials to our sports and ideas

U = Understand the issues, both local and national

S = Sort out our political friends and supporters (get them elected)

E = Educate the public, our peers, and the politicians.

Various efforts have come and gone since 1994/1997, some successful, some not; but the need to unite our voices has never dwindled.  You can read more about the Land Use Network, the Resource Education Network (REN), and the Sierra Nevada Framework in CA here:

I look forward to hearing some thoughts on this.


  1. This sounds like a very good idea to me.
    I would be willing to add content to such a site. As Director of Environmental Affairs for UFWDA, I have set up a FaceBook page for Director of Environmental Affairs where I am doing that now.
    I would like to see this broken down to providing individual states with their info and maybe have a separate listing for "events" in each state as well.

  2. Thanks for the review of history. Those that fail to review history are doomed to repeat history. Over the years we have had many new name rise and fade in the landuse battles. As you note, we have tried a lot of different things with limited success. I will point out that the early days were pushed by individuals and individuals made a lot of things happen. This is good and bad. It is good in that as individuals were drivers for action, the overall effort was not branded as one group supreme over another recreation mode. It is bad in that what is owned by no one is cared for by no one. It is time to change the dynamic rather than keep reinventing the wheel...