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Tuesday, July 12, 2022




Sharing with others how to care for our land and motorized sports.

By Del Albright

"Share and Care" is a simple way to remember what we all should be doing on our lands and waterways.  Share your knowledge and awareness of the environment, showing other people how to care for the land while still enjoying our motorized sports and trails. 

Take the TreadLightly! Awareness 101 Course; study the land use sections on your favorite forums; live by the Code of Ethics of your organized groups/clubs; and be the example of how to recreate right!

The worse thing we can do is sit back and let someone destroy our opportunities through their ignorance.  Now if they are deliberate, well, then that requires law enforcement.  But many people JUST DON"T KNOW or have not been taught how to care for the land while still enjoying it.

Some simple things we can all do:

Follow the rules.
Set the example.
Stay on the trail.
Never do resource damage.
Camp where legal.
Be courteous.
Yield to uphill traffic, horses, motorcycles and bicycles.
Share your knowledge and experiences, around the campfire and on the trail.
Take it personal -- this land is ours.  Show others how to keep it that way.


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