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Tuesday, September 6, 2022


 Find Your Threshold of Volunteerism and Avoid Burnout with this Formula

By Del Albright

It is hard to say no to helping a cause you believe in, but eventually, we say 

yes too much, our plates become full, frustration hovers, stress builds, and 

burnout looms in the forefront. As we continue volunteering, we are lucky if 

we do not blow a gasket, toss a stroke, get mad or just quit! Once you 

burn out, you no longer help the cause – you might even hurt it. So, my 

advice is to learn where your threshold lies and not cross it.

Threshold is an ancient word, dating to c.1000 and probably earlier. The 

term “thresh” was initially meant to stamp on or trample and survives today 

in the verb to thresh (wheat) and thrash. The “hold” portion is of unknown 

origin. The threshold is literally the first place in a building you step and has 

evolved to mean any gateway.

Read the entire article here: art-threshold.pdf (


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