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Monday, January 25, 2010

CA4WDC Convention Honoring Our Armed Forces (Feb. 19-21)

TO: All Cal4wheel members and prospective members

FROM: Frank Funk, Convention Chair

January 25, 2010

The California Association of 4Wheel Drive Clubs (CA4WDC) is heading into its second 50 years of service in the OHV arena with a special convention honoring our Armed Forces. We are only 3 weeks away from our 51st Annual Convention and we need you to sign up right away. The Convention Committee has been working very hard to put together a stimulating, informative and fun filled convention program. Allow me to give you an idea of what we have planned for you and tell you how easy it is to registered.

The Convention kicks off Friday morning with a with a Tread Lightly Training seminar at 8 am (pre-registration required – see for more info). The Trade Show (4x4 vendors and MORE) will open at noon and be open until 5 pm on Friday. On Friday afternoon there will be BOD meeting from 1 – 5 pm. The Hospitality Room will open at 6:30 pm on Friday. In the Hospitality Room, besides the usual “hospitality” we will have three projectors showing CA4WDC event pictures (if you have any to share please contact me ASAP). The Hospitality Room will go until 12pm or until interest wanes.

Saturday will start with the Life Member Breakfast from 8am-10am. Also on Saturday morning there will be a variety of seminars. We believe there is something to interest everyone with seminars on Dutch Oven cooking and geocaching, a Pampered Chef demo and more. Check out your registration packet for a complete list and times. The Vehicle Show will open Saturday morning as well. It starts at 10am and goes until 2pm. There will be Military Vehicles, 4X4’s, as well as Classics. The show is open to any and all vehicle “toys” – see for an application.

Saturday afternoon the 1st session of the General Assembly will be from 1 to 5 pm. Then to start Saturday evening the No-Host bar will open at 6 pm. At 6:30 pm, in keeping with the convention theme, the call to dinner will be an incredible parade including a Color Guard, Bag Pipes and the playing of Taps and the honoring of 4 wheelers who have served our country. During and following dinner there will be several Guest speakers/presentations including the presentation of CA4WDC’s annual awards. All this leads up to the drawing for the Sweepstakes Vehicle.

On Sunday morning the General Assembly’s 2nd session will deal with the remaining items on the agenda. This session and the Trade Show will end around noon. In the afternoon from 1pm-5pm a New-Old BOD meeting will close out the convention.

I encourage all of you as association members to register right now. At you can complete an online registration or download the form and mail it in, either way it just takes a couple minutes. Please REGISTER now as we need you there to help your association grow.

While you’re registering be sure to let us know if you or anyone in your family is or has been in the any branch of the Armed Services. Please be sure to indicate which branch.

For room reservation call the Double Tree at (916) 929-8855. They have extended the room rate discount but you need to call them ASAP and mention the code 201!

If you would like to be a vendor in the Trade Show you can register online or contact Joe Malloy;

If you would like to advertise in the Convention Program contact Frank Funk;

Thank you in Advance for attending

Frank Funk, Convention 2010 Chairman

Article: Rumbling of Thunder

A Whole New Sound in the Off-road World
By Del & Stacie Albright, BlueRibbon Coalition

The over-paid, seldom-right weather man spoke with such animation and excitement that you couldn’t help but get taken in by his rambling analysis of the on-coming weather pattern (from outer space). But he had me from hello when he mentioned the "rumbling of thunder” and how we would be hearing it for some time to come. I realized at that moment he had just described the new sound I’ve been hearing in the off-road skies – thunder!

Thunder is the sound made by lightning, ranging from a sharp loud crack, to a long, low rumble. I don’t think there is any one reason for this “storm,” but rather a culmination of people getting fed up with unnecessary closures and restrictions. Can you see the lightning and hear the thunder?

Read and download the article here:

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rubicon Trail Users Oppose Plan, Need Support

Friends of the Rubicon

Contact: Jacquelyne "Bebe" Theisen
Telephone: 530-888-8302
Auburn, CA



Friends of the Rubicon fighting for Little Sluice and trail bypasses

January 20, 2010; Placerville, CA. Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) asks for user support to change the future of the Rubicon Trail in El Dorado County. El Dorado County Department of Transportation (DOT) will present staff recommendations at a public meeting, January 26th, at 2pm in the County Board of Supervisors Board room. DOT Staff has published a recommended Route Recognition plan so that the Rubicon Trail in El Dorado County is defined as ordered by the California Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board's Clean up and Abatement Order issued to El Dorado County and the Eldorado National Forest Service last spring.

Friends of the Rubicon is appreciative of the involvement of the Department of Transportation in working with all interested stakeholders to come up with a framework for the future maintenance of the trail - which FOTR looks forward to assisting the County in its implementation. However County staff recommendations do not reflect our user-groups priorities, consensus or recommendations.

FOTR will present a 10 minute counter-presentation to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors on behalf of motorized Rubicon Trail users and the volunteers that work tirelessly to maintain the health of the Rubicon Trail. The presentation will focus on keeping the trail open, alive and well for all users.

Del Albright, Ambassador, Blue Ribbon Coalition and founding Trail Boss of Friends of the Rubicon said, “El Dorado County staff have been essential in developing a long-term plan for the health of the Rubicon Trail, but this current recommendation flies side-ways in a couple key issues critical to responsible users of the trail. FOTR has the right recommendations and we will be advocating to the Board of Supervisors to support FOTR’s approach.”

Of the three alternatives presented to the Board of Supervisors by the Department of Transportation, Friends of the Rubicon supports a modified Option 3 that includes all of the Recommended Variants and a maintenance corridor at Little Sluice and Buck Island. This should preserve all existing variant routes within the corridors currently on the Not Recommended list.

“After years of work and several public meetings, we still find ourselves in partial, yet significant disagreement with County staff,” says Jacquelyne Theisen, Trail Boss, FOTR. “At this meeting we plan to show, once again, how the responsible users of the Rubicon Trail know what’s best for an overall trail management plan, and are willing to make it happen on the ground,” she adds.

Friends of the Rubicon will ask the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors to add the following Variants Not Recommended to Option 3 so that they are included in the Long Term Management plan currently being developed:

Map location (C) the USFS portion(s) (14N34B). This area is a historical ingress and egress to the Rubicon Trail, and highly valuable for the following reasons; It provides easy access for the extrication of broken or damaged vehicles, or those bringing in parts to repair a vehicle, or for expedited egress for an injured recreationist, or in the event of a wildfire, expedient access to two lakes for human safety. It does have very minor erosion issues that are very easily remedied.

Map location (D) a short section of trail east of Ellis Creek. This area is being requested for the following reasons; It is a section of the original trail, and provides a optional route of increased difficulty, which is a integral part of the Rubicon experience.

Map location (E) the obstacle known as Soup Bowl is a newer area of the trail, that provides a play area. The impression that the trail is constantly blocked and creates a safety hazard is an exaggeration. We are asking that it remains open and that some type of natural barrier be installed to prevent further vegetation loss and that regular maintenance plan be developed to prevent sediment loss.

Friends of the Rubicon is dedicated to working with El Dorado County DOT and the Eldorado National Forest Service to continue to provide the many hours of volunteer labor needed to maintain the health of the Rubicon Trail and to provide a unified voice to motorized users of the world’s most famous trail, the Rubicon.

If you would like to assist FOTR, participate at a FOTR work party or educational outreach efforts at one of our Kiosk information centers, please sign up here at: .

The meeting on January 26th is located at:
El Dorado County
330 Fair Lane, bldg A

Placerville, CA 96667

NOTE from Del:  the Rubicon Trail Foundation (RTF) will be presenting to the Board of Supervisors as well, with many of the same recommendations as FOTR.  More on RTF at


Friday, January 22, 2010

Tellico OHV Area Appeal Denied by USFS




Contact: Greg Mumm, BlueRibbon Coalition
Date: January 22, 2010


POCATELLO, ID (January 22) - On January 15, 2010, Southern Region Deputy Regional Forester Jerome Thomas adopted the recommendation of the internal Appeal Reviewing Officer and denied the Upper Tellico OHV Area appeals submitted by the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA), United Four Wheel Drive Associations (UFWDA), and the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC). "We are disappointed but not surprised by this outcome," observed Jay Bird of the Rescue Tellico Committee and Past President of SFWDA. "This was a mandatory step in an ongoing process, and it would be unusual for an agency that has been for years locked in on the outcome of closing Tellico to reverse course at the last step of the administrative process," added Greg Mumm, BRC Executive Director. "We remain committed to restoring some form of meaningful vehicle recreation at Tellico, will carefully review the appeal decisions, and will take appropriate next steps," Mumm concluded.

# # #

The BlueRibbon Coalition is a national (non-profit) trail-saving group that represents over 600,000 recreationists nationwide The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) season is beginning. Federal employees, please mark BlueRibbon Coalition and Check #11402 on your CFC pledge form to support our efforts to protect your access. Join us at 1-800-258-3742

Monday, January 18, 2010

Public Lands Advocacy Videos (Free) from NOHVCC


The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) has created a Public Land Advocacy Video Workshop series with help from Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A. via their OHV Access Initiative, the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), the Specialty Vehicle Institute of American (SVIA), and the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA). The workshops are designed to give riders the skills they’ll need to keep trails open in their areas; covering everything who the enthusiasts are, planning a trail system, writing effective comments, moving forward from route designation, and much more.

The series consists of 14 easy to watch sessions ranging from 15 to 30 minutes each. The content is based on NOHVCC’s successful onsite workshop sessions with NOHVCC topic experts. The sessions are designed to give the people who can’t participate in an on-site workshop or a webinar the tools they need to help keep their trails open.

Russ Ehnes, Executive Director of the NOHVCC said “These are tight economic times and we need to take advantage of technology to help riders get the information they need. This program is helping us reach thousands of OHV activists and riders who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to take part in a NOHVCC workshop. This may be one of the best tools that we have created so far for not only the enthusiast’s toolbox, but for program managers as well.”

The workshop modules were developed in cooperation with the American Motorcyclist Association, BlueRibbon Coalition, Motorcycle Industry Council, Off-Road Business Association, Specialty Vehicle Institute of America, and United Four Wheel Drive Associations

To order a DVD, e-mail us at or call us at 800-348-6487. The DVD will be shipped to you free of charge, courtesy of the Yamaha OHV Access Initiative.

Get more links about this from my website here:

I've started watching them and see quite a bit of value for us.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reno, NV, Motorsports and RV Show, March 2010

If you live within driving distance of Reno, NV, or will be in the area in mid March, here is a show not to miss.  I know the guy putting on this show and it promises to be fun and interesting. This has a little bit of everything for everyone who loves the outdoors. Check it out if you get a chance, and for sure be.

International Motorsports & Recreation Expo
March 12,13, & 14, 2010

Reno-Sparks Convention Center
4590 Virginia St., Reno, NV
Fri. 3/12 noon to 7pm
Sat. 3/13, 10am to 7pm
Sun. 3/14 10m to 5pm

Adults $10.00
Kids 12 and under free.

This show is a great introduction to the sports and recreation lifestyle. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned RVer, a race car enthusiast or a fly fisherman, there will be something for you at the International Motorsports & Recreation Expo.

There will be plenty of information for great travel destinations, fun-filled fishing excursions and much, much more! As an outdoor sports and recreation enthusiast, don’t miss this opportunity to find all that you dream of at the International Motorsports & Recreation Expo.

Tons of exhibitors, off-road, RV, boats, hunting and fishing, and outdoor lifestyles.

Land Use Auction -- Up to 42 inch Tires from BFG!!!

You can still support BlueRibbon and land use through our eBay auction. I just added two more goodies (re-listed one and upgraded the tire listing).

BFGoodrich Tires just upped the ante – 5 tires, ANY size of the KM2’s, UP TO 42’s!!!!
Dynatrac is still kicking in their new ProRock 44’s for JK’s.

Don’t miss out on this deal if you’re in the market:

All proceeds go to land use and helping things like the Eldorado Lawsuit and other legal issues affecting our trail, like Travel Management and USFS regulations – sooner or later these issues require national attention – and that be BRC.

UP TO 42 x 14.50 R20. Dude!!! Bid now.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Carnegie SVRA Rally and Ride Video

The sports of motorized recreation are always under fire by folks who would rather watch TV and eat bon-bons than get behind or on a motor and have some real fun!  It seems no matter how responsible we are, how commited we are to keeping our OHV areas clean and maintained, or how passionate we make our pleas to the "other side," they just won't give up and leave us alone.  For them, it's never enough.

So for these unreasonable people, our answer needs to be to get mean.  No more Mr. Nice Guy.  Now don't get me wrong; not everyone deserves our "ugly" response.  There are some good folks wanting to help us keep our environment healthy while maintaining our sports.  There are some good politicians who know we are the "real" environmentalists anyway.  But for those radical protectionists that still think closing us out is the only answer, we need to get "mad as hell."  This speech by Dave Pickett (AMA, Dist. 36) and Don Amador (BlueRibbon Coalition), tells the tale.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Eco-Challenge at King of Hammers 2010

2010 KOH ECO Challenge

From Jeff Knoll, King of the Hammers

2010 Griffin King of the Hammers, eco challenge.

In 2006 I challenged the Pirate board and the 4 wheeling community to clean up after the party at Potato salad hill in Moab during the Easter Jeep Safari.

This year Hammerking Productions is throwing down a new challenge. The KOH ECO Challenge.

Last year KOH generated an amazing amount of trash; we looked inside the massive dumpster and saw about 30 percent recyclable products. This year we are partnering with Land Use folks to attempt to shatter the mis-perception of Off-roaders and recycle as much of the trash as possible. Cal 4 wheel will provide containers for the recyclable items, and will manage the return. The money generated will benefit the fight to keep our lands open. All that we ask is that you separate your trash while attending the 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers. Put your recyclables in the appropriate containers, and remember to pack out the rest.

The wind plays havoc on the Johnson Valley OHV area, so please keep your trash covered and out of the wind. I hope to see a clean lake bed every morning when I step out the door at Hammertown. We will all live together for the week at Hammertown, so let’s do the best we can and keep it clean. With the amount of fun planned for the week of KOH, I imagine that land use folks can raise some much needed money recycling your bottles and cans. The goal is to raise as much money possible and see how much weight Hammertown can generate……… 2 weeks in the desert might be quite a bit from what I have seen.

Thanks for your support of the this fun program that will benefit land use.
Check out these films and events from Hammerking productions:

Note from Del:  this is incredibly far-sighted and eco-friendly on the part of this amazing event. KOH folks are setting the example for all of us when it comes to taking care of our environment while having fun in our rigs.

BlueRibbon Coalition New Website for 2010


BRC Announces Launch of New Website

Dear BRC Action Alert Subscriber,

In keeping with our goals of making our communication more effective and, at the same time, giving things a fresh new look, we've been hard at work the past couple of months designing and implementing a brand new website. We rolled it out this morning and we are excited to have you see it.

Stay tuned for more developments, as we are continuing to revise and fine-tune this work.

Please take just a moment to visit -- we think you'll like what you see. Check back often; we have plans for lots more good stuff to keep you informed this year.

Thanks for your continued support,

Greg Mumm

Executive Director

BlueRibbon Coalition

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Land Use Pledge for King of Hammers Race 2010

The 4405 MFS Race-a-Thon
by Kurt Schnieder (playing Jerry Lewis) & Del Albright

PLEDGE NOW to Benefit Land Use with the World's Largest Off-Road Race in the US

For the King of the Hammers 2010, we are taking pledges to land-use organizations depending on how far the 4405 land-use buggy makes it in the race! Just like a pledge drive high school kids do at school for sports fundraisers!!  This is an awesome, hard-core desert and rock race, where only a few are left standing. 15,000 to 20,000 people could be on-hand to witness this event next month.  I plan to be there.

YOU pick the amount pledged per mile and YOU pick the organization to donate too!

Travis Carpenter (Rock Zombie) is our driver.  With title sponsor, Motorsports Fabrication Services (MFS), he's also a BFGoodrich Tires guy; with Yukon gears; a Powertank; Solid Axle dude, PRP seats, Vision X-Lights, Coast High Performance Racing Engines,  but mostly, he's a land use HERO.  He's taking the MFS buggy to KOH to help kick some land use ACCESS.

KOH is 135 miles long this year, so if you pledge a dollar per mile, that's $135 to the organization you picked as long as Travis and the 4405 make it thru the entire race!


1. Pledge anything you would like per mile made in the 4405 during KOH, and pick the organization you will pledge too, starting with the BlueRibbon Coalition.

2. Add an addtional amount pledged if Travis wins KOH. (By the way, If the 4405 wins, our team is donating $5,000 of the winnings to BlueRibbon Coalition (

3. You also have the option for a "gutter pledge" that is if we don't start or do not complete at least 20 miles.

4. In your sig-line, please put: "4405 KOH Pledge" with your post number after it! (ex. 4405 KOH pledge #2) if you are a Pirate4x4 subscriber. (for non-Pirate4x4 folks, please see #6 below).

5. PLEASE forward a link to this thread to everyone on your e-mail, your local bulletin boards etc. If you can't afford to pledge anything (Which I totally understand) At the very least, help us to get the word out about this fundraiser!

6. If you are not a Pirate4x4 subscriber, you may e-mail your pledge to: (and let him know if you want your pledge posted, or prefer to remain anonymous).  We hope everyone will pledge and post up proudly so we can build an incredible list of donors.

7. After the race, please send you donation directly to the organizations you picked by March 1st. We are not collecting money.

You may cut and paste my post below and change the amounts and the organizations as you wish.

We will take pledges up until Febuary 11th, and I will also be taking pledges on the lakebed... Please pay you pledge amount by March 1st.

Suggested organizations to pledge too: (You may pick any land-use organization you wish, you do not need to pick from this list)

Blue Ribbon Coalition; then
Other National Organizations fighting for land use
State Associations
Regional Associations
other non-profit land use or appropriate associations, organizations, or Friends groups.

Note from Kurt:  Maybe this is just a pipe dream on my part, but think about this: if 20,000 people show up to KOH this year, and we get just 1/4 of them to an average of $100 a person... THIS WILL BE THE BIGGEST LAND-USE DONATION EVER ON PIRATE4X4.COM EVER!!!

Help keep public lands open to the public!
Help support the sport!!


Note from Del:  it's my thinking we need to build the big dog, BlueRibbon Coalition, into the baddest biggest national grassroots organization ever formed.  This pledge fund-raiser could sure put a dent in that objective.

See the thread on Pirate4x4 here:

Visit title sponsor MFS here:
Thanks to all,
Del (and Kurt)