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Friday, March 19, 2010

3/19/2010 Land Use Update from Del Albright

3/19/2010: A few quick notes about land use and access, as well as my latest article for your use (please send me a link or copy if you would).

1. PRP Seats: The original owner of PRP Seats, Aaron Wedeking, is back at the helm for these great seats – who happen to also sponsor my landuse War Machine Jeep. Press release and info here:

2. CA: Carnegie SVRA (OHV) area back open – we fought hard and WON to get the courts to kick out the junk lawsuit brought on by those who do not like our sport. See more here:

3. Article: Stop the Stink: my latest piece on what is happening in our country and what we need to do about it (to preserve our access to lands and waterways. Read and download it here:

4. NAXJA Helps Del: I’m so honored to have a great organization behind me (and BlueRibbon Coalition), the North American XJ Association (NAXJA). They have kicked in huge donations to help me stay in the fight and support BRC. We are winning some battles and making stuff happen – together. Thank you. See more here:

5. King of the Hammers: I sure hope you saw all the awesome land use and access stuff that took place at King of the Hammers (KOH) this year. Over $30,000 in land use pledges were generated from various buggies and drivers. It was an amazing event for our cause. Notable also was the trash cleanup and recycling that took place during and after this biggest ever desert race. KOH folks kicked it and left the desert cleaner than they found it, even after nearly 30,000 fans. Read more here:

6. BlueRibbon and King of the Hammers: BRC was pledged nearly $20,000 alone from the KOH event, and the two shining stars in this fund-raiser were the Tin Benders 4x4 Club of Southern CA, and 4Wheel Parts (Greg Adler and crew). The Tin Benders kicked in $5500 from their club and 4Wheel Parts matched it. WOW. Watch for more on this at the BlueRibbon website and magazine (shortly):

7. MT: Lewis and Clark Nat’l Forest; BRC Kicks It Again: BRC and some other recreational groups kicked it and won another court victory in Idaho. Check it out at:

8. MFS Takes on the Albright Jeep: If you’re on Facebook, you already know this, but Motorsports Fabrication Services (MFS) is revving the rpm’s for landuse and access. They’ve taken on the Albright Jeep to do about a year’s worth of fixes, upgrades, and mods to help out the cause; and they are behind the King of the Hammers buggy that led the pledge efforts for land use and access. Read more here (and visit Facebook or my blog for more about the Jeep):

As always, let me know if you have any questions or need any further info.

Thanks for being on the team,


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