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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sponsor/Supporter Highlight -- Nemesis Industries

Nemesis Industries is helping land use and access, as well as BlueRibbon Coalition, and I wanted to give you some insight into their company.  They are in Engelwood, CO, but quickly building a national reputation.  They also supported the BlueRibbon Coalition Christmas Auction with big time stuff.  Great folks, too, I might add. We wheeled with them in southern UT at Soutwhest Crawlfest just recently.  They test their products on the trail for sure. :)
Nemesis Industries has a firm commitment to developing unique products with distinctive looks and performance. They do JK, LJ, TJ and YJ  with names like Forged Gear and Kratos Armory, primarily fender, rocker and corner armor. 

They are also helping sponsor (through BlueRibbon Coalition) our trip to Moab, UT next week for the Easter Jeep Safari, so we can continue or landuse work with wheelers from all over the world.  Moab represents most what I do -- saving trails and keeping our sport alive for people from all over.  It's important to be there, accessible to folks who know how important our access fights are.  Businesses like Nemesis Industries help make this happen.  Thank you. 

Check out Nemesis Industries right here:

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