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Monday, March 22, 2010

GenRight Off Road: Moab EJS Sponsors for Albright Jeep

GenRight Off Road

Premier Travel Sponsors of Del & Stacie Albright to
Moab Easter Jeep Safari

Businesses that otherwise might be in competition team up often to help out in land use and access, such as with event raffles. In our case, the Albright Jeep, also known as the Land Use War Machine, is being sponsored by two dozen off-road businesses for products and buildups, as well as gas money and BlueRibbon Coalition support.

For 2010 Easter Jeep Safari, GenRight is leading the charge with a "premier level" donation to BlueRibbon Coalition to ensure we can do our trail-saving job for a week in Moab. It's all about access!

GenRight makes Crawler gas tanks; body armor; rocker guards; fenders; hood louvers (like on the Albright Jeep); suspension parts; and more. Made in the U.S.A., this stuff is tuff! I have witnessed owner Tony Pelligrino, Tony Fiori (Product Testing), Cory Kaiser (PR) and some of his other guys wheel GenRight Jeeps at places like Logandale (Hump 'N Bump), Moab and TDS and I can tell you these babies are made to wheel. Engineering, quality of construction and functional "common sense" are built into GenRight products.

It's all about access! GenRight is leading this team of partner businesses to get us to Moab so we can fight for trails, link up with other recreationists who need help saving trails, and continue to grow the sport for all of us to enjoy well into the future. The whole GenRight team believes in helping keep our sport alive and our trails open because these guys do more than talk about it; they get it on the trail. GenRight stands for Genuine Ideas Engineered Right; when you're a GenRight Jeep, you're at the next level.

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