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Monday, July 25, 2011

Best Prepared Trail Rig Team Challenge Update 7/25/11

First up to donate to our Team Challenge (in September in Reno, NV) is Raceline Wheels, Allied.   Not only are they donating a set of steel wheels, but also making our trophies for the top teams.  Raceline has always supported landuse and trail access.  They are also a personal sponsor of ours and a big supporter of BlueRibbon Coalition and many events that support landuse.  Learn more and say hi at

MetalCloak is giving a handful of Gift Certificates for their awesome products. Team participants will all win something and these gift certificates can apply to a variety of goodies.  Another of our personal sponsors and big supporters of landuse, MetalCloak is on the team, for sure.  Their frame built bumper is riding on our Jeep right now!  We love it.  Thanks MetalCloak for being in the game helping us to save trails and keep our sport alive.

F-O-A Shocks jumped right in with a Gift Certificate to help the participants walk away with something cool.  Thank you, FOA, we appreciate your support.   Check out their off-road shock technology at

Always good about helping us save trails, Premier Power Welder and Pull Pal are donating a Gift Certificate as well.  Our Premier Power Welder has rescued a lot of wheelers, including us on famous trails like the Rubicon and Moab.  Thank you again.  Visit these landuse supporters at

thanks to all who are supporting our Team Challenge for landuse.  Drop me a note to apply to compete as a team or to donate.  Thanks , Del

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