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Monday, July 25, 2011

Reflecting on Our Changing Off-Road Sports

Reflecting on our Changing Sport.  As I sit in Wyoming, hunkered up in our motorhome struggling to get a good WiFi connection, I find myself reflecting on our off-road sports and how they are changing -- evolving.  Everything has to change, right?  So it is with our sports.  The picture here shows "Red" a few years ago on the Rubicon Trail -- about two rebuilds back it seems.                                                  Rock crawling competitions like Cal-Neva and W.E. Rock give us new innvovative modifications we can all use.  Tire size changes more than, well, socks!  "Red" started on 33's and now rides on 37's.  Recently we saw Top Truck Challenge (TTC) where 54's were the tire of choice.  Motors are trendy too.  Name me a JK owner that does not want a Hemi???  :) So what does all this mean?  Is it just change?  Is it good or bad?  What do we do about it?
I think it's just a normal part of any sport.  It's going to change.  Our Jeep is changing (again).  Many of you are doing mods and improving the performance of your rig -- which probably was pretty good to begin with.  But that's ok.   The KEY thing is that we embrace all aspects of our sports -- and the machines that take us there.  We learn and help each other do our sport responsibly.  We stay on the trails.  We pack it out.  We teach our kids the right thing to do.  My reflection tells me to not fight the change; but to embrace it and make it work for a positive future in off-road sports.  I hope you'll join me.

For more on how to get involved in saving our sport and making sure we have a viable future, try this link from my website:

And let's not forget to do the BASIC first step -- JOIN BlueRibbon Coalition and all those groups that make sense to you.  BRC website at

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