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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Land Use Trip, Jeep Upgrades

We are at "ugly" in our Jeep rebuild.  Parts are everywhere.  The whole underbelly has been removed.  Old long arm kit: gone.  Old belly pan; gone.  Old skid plates; gone. Old shocks; gone.  Old brackets; gone.  YIKES.

T&T Customs has removed all the old parts, even the Atlas (that appears to have been clocked wrong).  Everything is being shaved and made ready for a clean install of new parts.

Mike, the magician mechanic, is making sure we've got everything lined up to do the best possible install ever.  T&T takes serious pride in "doing it right."  I can now attest to that.  They do not let anything past them -- even the small stuff.  Do it right is engraved into their foreheads.  :)

Here the T&T owner, Bob Levenhagen is performing some welds that would impress the best stick man.  Can't wait to see these axle trusses on my Ford 9 in the rear and Dana 44 up front.

Here's another shot of the "ugly" that we will now call BEFORE.  Just wait a day or so until we have the AFTER pics.

Parts hanging....even little things are being tended to, making sure the fit is right and the install is tight.  Wow, I'm impressed.  This is an amazing operation; very professional and very strict in attention to detail.

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