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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Land Use Trip Day 6, T&T Customs

Getting a tour of T&T Customs, Cheyenne, WY, where the Jeep is going to undergo major changes in the engineering and ride.

The "boys" in the welding/fab side of things give Stacie the tour.

Mike, the mechanic magician, shows some T&T work being done on another rig in the shop.  T&T suspension components are well-engineered and quality controlled.   This takes you jeep to another level where you can brag that you "Go Equipped."

the in-shop powder coating is a system that recycles the coating and really gets the parts protected.

Can't help but have a little fun with the machines in the shop. Everywhere we looked, it was apparent the T&T folks are professional and caring about the products they make and install.
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