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Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Land Use Trip Day 5, Wyoming

Wyoming takes pride in its wildlife.  Here we are viewing a habitat area from a Rest Stop along I-80.  Stac is working the spotting scope, looking for antelope and deer. 

We saw a ton of antelope alongside the freeway all day today.  Some with big horns too!!!

Can't say the whole drive across the bottom of Wyoming is one of our favorites, but we sure did enjoy the critters.  AND we had very little wind.

  Considering the winds sometime blow pretty regularly at 70MPH in this stretch of road....yikes.

This is the view we were enjoying from the Rest Stop. 

The other thing we saw were miles of snow drift fences right along I-80.  Found out these things also help keep patches of grass exposed for the winter herds of elk in the area so they have a source of browse.  Cool.


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