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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Land Use Trip Day 4, Utah

No stop in Salt Lake City, UT is complete without a visit to Temple Square.  We wanted to make sure Jessica got to see this unique part of our country's history, as well as the beautiful architecture.  It's impressive up close and personal.  SLC is a very clean town as well....nice people everywhere.

The campground even had a free guided shuttle over the the Square and plenty of volunteers are there to give you a tour and more on the LDS religion. 

This momument to "seagulls" is about the most unique I've ever seen.  In fact, I know of no other to a bird.  When the Mormon settlers were about to get wiped out by bugs (Mormon  Crickets), they prayed for relief and bingo.  The gulls swooped in by the millions and ate the crickets, thus saving the crops and the settlers.

Of course, the Great Salt Lake, like other inland salt lakes, attracts gulls and birds of all kinds during their migrations.  So toss in a few bazillion crickets, and I suspect these seagulls were packing some heavy bellies.

Temple Square is well tended and manicured.  The landscaping is colorful and beaufitul, with a large variety of flowers and shrubs.

As a musician, I must say this pipe organ was mind-boggling just to stand near it.  Marvelous piece of history that is still in use. 

Next stop is Cheyenne, WY for our Jeep rebuild at T&T Customs.  Here we come.

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