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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Land Use Trip Day 3, Utah

Day 3 of our Summer Land Use Trip started off with memories still hanging on of Lamoille Canyon.  Stacie got this beaver pond shot (which is up in the Ruby Mountains not far from Elko, NV).   What a great place.  We love the outback of Nevada and the many sights you can see with just a little exploring.

Elko, NV has one of the coolest museums full of natural and cultural history.  It's always worth a stop, especially for young eyes and ears.  Learning is always a part of our travels -- for all of us.   Get this, they found the bones of a Mastadon right outside town, not that long ago (the find).  He's been dead for 2 millions years.  Wow.

It the 1920's there was a cow thief around Elko County (Crazy Tex) that made up and used "cow shoes" to disguise his cattle rustling habit.   They never saw human foot prints after many rustlings over the years.  No one could figure it out.  He acquired quite a few steak dinners before ever getting caught.  Oh yea, they finally got him and he did a little time.  But everyone thought he was pretty inventive.   He was later shotgunned to death when he was in the 70's by a fueding neighbor.  
We are going to do some sightseeing around Salt Lake City next.  Utah is one of our favorite states. 

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