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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jeep Rebuild Update 7-30-11

From underneath, rear looking forward, you can see the dual-triangulated 4-link system going in.  This eliminates rear "crabbing" when in a bind and gives maximum performance.  It's also ruggedly built, I can assure you.

We've also got the JKS Manufacturing Switch Blade Sway System installed and working.  Wow, can't wait to try this out with like 5 positions of sway (or no sway).  Simple to use as well.

T&T Customs notched the frame for the rear shock giving a new installation position for the Fox Racing Shox to ride.  Notice the coil relocator kit from T&T as well.  Red will be an incredible machine soon!
More on T&T right here:

Check out their Y-Link High Clearance Radius Arms (JK, TJ, LJ, XJ, MJ, ZJ and YJ) also.  That's what is riding on Red now.

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