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Friday, July 29, 2011

Jeep Rebuild Update 7-29-11

T&T Customs has been working day and night to get this custom build wrapped up and trail ready.  We've made several mods all at once, so this is a bigger project than normal. But WOW, check this out and see where we are with the Land Use War Machine:

Dialing in the high steer is fairly easy with the pre-fab (slightly modified) truss and brackets fromT&T Customs.  Notice the PSC hydraulic assist steering custom mount on the tie rod.  This T&T clamp will hold the ram tight to the tie rod, but also allow the toe-in to be adjusted down the road if needed.

Getting the coils, shocks and high steer adjusted just right takes several ups and downs on the lift to ensure everything clears and performs as expected.   While nice to have, the lift is not mandatory to do this install.  When we worked the system up and down, it blew me away to see how much droop and articulation I now have on Red.  Dude, I can't wait to wheel this!!!

This is a newer style Fox Shox that we are installing on Red, and I'm liking them already. Stacie says they're "sexy" too.  Performance should be incredible when matched up to a Rock Tek system like this.

The new WJ (Grand Cherokee) rotors, calipers and knuckles will make a tremendous difference in stopping power, while allowing for an awesome High Steer set up.  Beefy....

The Rock Tek Long Arm getting some fine tuning as we go along.  We still have some painting to do as well, but that can wait until everything is fitted and ready.

My Currie Ford 9 (old school) is a tight fit for no matter what suspension Red carries, but the Rock Tek truss is going to fit just right.  Several articulations on the lift will make sure everything clears.
 I am really getting excited now to get Red back on the trail and get some wheeling in.  I am impressed with every component of this install:  T&T Customs, ARB/Old Man Emu, Fox Shox, and JKS Manufacturing (still to come in the install).   I'd also like to thank J&W Auto Wreckers for the knuckles and brake parts.
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