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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reno Stampede Best Prepared Trail Rig Team Challenge 2011

It's AWN!  Friday night September 9th in Reno, NV, at the Ultra4 Reno Stampede...

Tons of the prizes for the contestestants!  All done in fun and for landuse!  Anyone can enter!  Audience cheering (and hissing) likely!  Teams will be famous!

We are still looking for a TITLE SPONSOR, but as of right now, the Team Challenge looks like this:

This is like a scavenger hunt on your rig, with a team of UP TO four (4) folks.

Any 4x4 rig set up for trail rides may enter (including UTV's).  Does not have to be street legal.

We are asking for a small donation/entry fee of $20 per person ($80 per team), with the donation going to BlueRibbon Coalition.

First Team Challenge we had 5 teams; second Team Challenge we had 7 teams.  Who knows how many this time??  :)  ENTER and take a shot.

Magazines and TV coverage likely.

Hot chicks for judges!!!

RUMOR has it that past Team Challenge champions are returning to DEFEND their titles!!!

Hosted by Del & Stacie Albright of the BlueRibbon Coalition.

All items must be located in or on the vehicle.  Teams must find the requested item QUICKLY and dash to the assigned judge, in front of a live and verbal audience!  Fastest team with item to judge, wins that item.  Team with most items WINS the competition.  First two winning teams get fancy-beautiful trohpies made by Raceline Wheels.

TONS of prizes will be awarded teams; all teams will win something from our supporting businesses.  Audience will get rewarded as well with freebies and fun goodies. 

A landuse extra raffle is possible as well, with donated prizes from businesses.

To ENTER:  send an email to Del Albright at with the following information:

NAME OF TEAM: (make one up)
TEAM MEMBERS: (the names you have so far; up to four)
RIG: (short description, make, type, year; does not have to be street legal)
TEAM MEMBER LANDUSE INVOLVEMENT: (club and group memberships; work days; volunteer stuff)
IS THIS YOUR FIRST TEAM CHALLENGE? (what other comps like this have you done before?)
NOTES: (anything else you'd like to add). 

There you have it...
thanks, Del

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