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Saturday, December 31, 2011


"Brock" the Landuse Viking "shielding public lands from closure" in color!

Ryan Williams of RTW Graphics created our new landuse book character, "Brock" as we sometimes call him.  First he was in black and white; but here he is in color.  What do you think, is he cool or what?

He will be on our book cover (released March 1st at TDS Desert Safari).  But look closely at what he is protecting and how he is doing it.  There are a lot of messages here.

Our landuse Viking represents what most organized recreation groups are doing these days, especially national umbrella groups like the BlueRibbon Coalition. Be sure to JOIN as your first step in helping this bad boy do his job.  He totally represents what Del & Stacie stand for in their fight as Team Albright.

RESERVE A COPY NOW as supplies of the first run will be limited.  The book is FREE because it's supported by advertising businesses. You pay for some shipping and handling, and a signed copy is yours when released. 
Del & Stacie

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