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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year; New Country; New Hope

2015 - The Year of Better Times for All
by Del Albright

I consider myself a top shelf, full blown, get 'r done Patriot and love this country -- albeit a few times these past few years I've had to remind myself to stand proud in spite of the antics of some of our political leaders.  But no matter, I still wish all a Happy New Year and a new year of hope and better times. 
I've been shot at in three countries and will never surrender my love of our freedoms.  I hope you will stand with me in 2015 and make some change that really counts.

Friday, December 19, 2014

American Bantam Jeep -- the Story (in video)

The American Bantam Jeep Project

Coming in 2015 as a Mini-Series on TV

SNEAK PREVIEW with Del Albright
Big thanks to MetalCloak for the studio time, props and support.


View it on YouTube here:

Thursday, December 11, 2014



 By Del Albright

Caroline Cornell interviewed Edward Hess, author of Learn or Die: Using Science to Build a Leading-Edge Learning Organization, in Communication World Magazine (Dec. 2014), the voice of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).  The link is below.  I took Mr. Hess's words and just substituted "companies" and "businesses" with our OHV words like Groups and Organizations to show how his wisdom and advice applies to off-road groups as much as it does to today's business world.    

So when you read this really valuable article (link below) about technology and learning, see if this hits you the way it hit me as to how it relates to off-roaders and backcountry recreation groups.  Here are some highlights that slapped me across the face as applying to those of us in the recreational world, especially those in leadership positions.
  • Those groups that best incorporate the science of learning into their culture, processes and practices will be the winners.  Winning groups learn better and faster.

  • That learning environment will be a humanistic, positive, emotional environment that results in high employee engagement—designed to mitigate the two big learning inhibitors, Fear and Ego.  (Note, back in the 80’s the big thing was “Japanese Style Management – known as Quality Circles where the guy putting the widgets together had a huge say in the way the widgets were made.  Factory workers helping designers).

  •           Emotionally we are defensive “thinkers” seeking to protect and affirm our self-image.  Real learning (old dog new tricks) requires optimizing our humility and opening the door to better listening.  Most folks in our organizations listen to confirm we were right in the first place and have trouble suspending judgment while the other person is still talking.  It makes our motivation appear more to look smart than to learn. (Read more on my take on "aerobic listening" here on my website:

  •   Many OHV group leaders have yet to figure out how to be an open-minded, non-defensive, good listener who is willing to subject his beliefs to challenge by others.

  •   One of the big tricks to “being smart” for our organizations is to KNOW what we DO NOT know, learn how to overcome that and learn from our mistakes.
   So I'm curious how this applies to what you've seen in OHV/Recreation groups and organizations, even clubs?  For me, to take this info and build it into our strategic plans, training workshops, business plans, club bylaws, whatever, just the way we do business, might give us a heads up to win more and back-track less.

Good information on how we can get better with using our technology.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Empowering Kids for a Motorized Future



 By Del Albright

Kids in the outdoors -- such a crucial part of the future of outdoor recreation. The Wilderness Society, Sierra Club and about every other enviro/eco organization has a focused youth program designed to get kids outside with an indoctrination towards protecting, preserving but not really "using" our resources. Look but don't really touch. 

Then those of us who love motors and exploring by vehicle have to compete with electronics, video games, ear buds, pods and pads, We have a few OHV groups with great programs for kids, for sure! But I don't think nearly enough. We have to find ways to empower our children to enjoy, use smartly, conserve wisely, appreciate, and yet be able to ensure a future of access for all. 

There is a difference in youth involvement between the various motorized sports.  Dirt bikers get their kids on a machine nearly as soon as the little one can walk.  Hero-worship sets in early for motorbikers too, as their sport is full of champions, races, and heroes.  Plus, the kids can go out and ride before they have a license.

Four-wheelers have a different path for kids.  The kids get to ride; a few might drive under careful supervision in controlled circumstances, but for the most part, for a kid, it's being an "observer" rather than a participant. That doesn't invoke the same commitment and enthusiasm for the sport as a dirt biking kid.

So we have to fin ways to empower our kids, treat them to fun, and show them the excitement, while teaching them our common sense ways of using public lands.    You can good samples of kids programs at,; and other big associations.  Just do a search and see what you come up with for your kids.

If you were to share a group with a great kids/youth program, who would that be?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Volunteer Training VLLS Thank you to Sponsors

Post by RLTC Volunteer Training. Saying thanks to all the great sponsors of the upcoming VLLS training in February near Sacramento, CA.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday -- Freedom For Sale?

Big Sale Today Only -- the American Dream

Are your freedoms being bought?

By Del Albright

This is not about the "sky is falling" or some presumptuous opinion I might have about how our government and economy works.  This is about some facts that will scare you and make you wonder just how much our freedoms are at stake, every day.

Your FREEDOM is for SALE!

RANGE Magazine is a fact-filled, well researched publication that I read from cover to cover every issue.  And the Winter Issue (on sale now) just slapped me upside the head -- again.  I'm reminded of an article I did many years ago called "The Vicious Green Circle" ( wherein I tied things together like The Wildlands Project, Wilderness Study Areas, Buffer Zones, Clean this and that Acts by Congress, Landscape Level Planning, ecosystem management, sound buffers, and on and on. RANGE just tied it all together even MORE!

This Winter issue explains and documents how enviro/eco groups are funded, so closely bound at the hips that you can hardly tell one from the other, in a great article by Dave Skinner titled, "Identify Your Enemies."  Then Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D, gives us the low-down on how rich left-wingers control the U.S. environmental policy in his piece called "Green Billionaires."  You can't imagine the terror these articles inflict on red-blooded, patriotic Americans like us.

If you love America and the freedoms we enjoy, you HAVE to get this magazine and read these articles. The way the basically, same big money supports all these "green" groups and their causes, through grant funding and interwoven boards of directors and funding sources, will shock you to the roots.  

You will recognize many of the "false fronts" and "front men" in the enviro/eco world that always seem so well funded and covered in the media, usually trying to close our roads or lock up our freedoms in some way.  Do you remember Tellico and Trout Unlimited (TU)?  Wait until you see the source of much of their funding and philosophy.  And wait until you see how just a few big rich funding sources grant money to a slug of pseudo-legitimate groups all dedicated to the same goals -- buying your freedoms and closing this country up to all but their own agenda. 

I know there is a lot going on in this world, and we all have a list of priorities; but I stand against this and I will fight to oppose the taking of my freedoms and the locking up of my country to an elite few.

NOTE: these stories noted above will likely be featured on the magazine website within a few days of this blog.
Visit and subscribe to RANGE magazine here:
Or call: 1-800-RANGE-4-U


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to Succeed in Volunteerism (and Landuse)

Secrets to Succeeding as a Volunteer

Or any job for that matter...

By Del Albright

Having achieved the rank of Chief in the fire service, as well as being an officer in the military, I would like to share with you the secrets of success from what I've learned, and how it applies to being a volunteer.  It's a simple formula.

Let's say you're young and want to succeed in whatever you're doing, and you are surrounded by hungry competitors, old timers, "bs'ers," know-it-all's, posers, and some wise, old gray beards.  Who do you pay attention and listen to?  How do you sort the wheat from the chaff?  How do you rise above the pack?  Well, the secret is twofold.

First, as I told hundreds of young firefighters who wanted to promote someday, learn to listen.  Listen more and talk less.  That's step one of the formula.  And yes, it takes practice to sort out the good advice from the war stories; but it can be done with a little practice (and experience).  Listen for the little details; listen intently with what I call aerobic listening -- fully engaged communication.  Then jump to step 2.

Step 2 is to ask more and guess less.  Ask good questions and listen.  When in doubt about an assignment, don't guess what you have to do - ASK!  That way you'll be sure to get it right as you're getting it done!  In many assignments the asking can also come in the form of Expectations.  Ask what is expected of you.

If you're the boss of a job or assignment, learn to share your expectations of those following you.  It's simple.  If it makes you smile, write an expectation to achieve it.  If it makes you frown, write an expectation to avoid it.

Here's a little more on Expectations:

Bottom line to success:  learn to listen, then ask more and guess less. Get it right the first time and get further ahead in life faster!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

God Is My Co-Dawg

God Is My Co-Dawg

Reflecting on Veterans Day

By Del Albright

Veteran's Day gives me cause to pause, but honestly I remember and honor all our military all year long.  This year, with our country experiencing such change (ups and downs), it hit me hard how many of us are struggling -- military and non-military alike.

My life has had more than its share of "exploits" including being shot at in three countries, and I can't help but salute all who have served or are serving, as well as their families and friends who also paid a price. 

My off-roading/OHV friends know the term "co-dawg;" it's a respectful way to refer to the person in the passenger seat, also known as riding "shotgun." While I don't make a big deal of it, I'm also not embarrassed to say that God is my "co-dawg."  He has been, and continues to ride with me where ever I am. There is an amazing peace that comes with having such an esteemed co-dawg. 

There are caveats with this partnership, though. He is not going to get every gate for you; He is not going to fix your broken junk; He is not going to give you the exact answer you may be looking for; and He is not going to live your life for you.  All of those obstacles in life are still up to you to solve and live through; but as your co-dawg, He'll help you make the right choices and find the path you were meant to travel.

So my wish for you as I reflect on this Veterans Day is that you find a "co-dawg" who will help you find peace, as well as courage, serenity and wisdom.  I borrowed the Snoopy picture because the message is so strong -- keep looking up.  Keep looking ahead; find your peace; get a good "co-dawg;" and do what you were meant to do in life and do it with gusto!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Magical Words of a Volunteer

"What can I do to help?"  Undoubtedly, in the volunteer world, the most magical and important words you can ever speak.  Heck, in about any situation, even married life, these are magical words that can change the world you live in.  But for volunteer projects, leaders and workers don't always ASK for help.  It has to do with saving face; or not wanting to be a bother; or being afraid to be too pushy; or thinking that someone else should read their mind and do something; or whatever.

So the solution is to pose the question: "What can I do to help?"

When you see someone struggling with a task or project; ask.  When you notice you're not being very productive because someone didn't really give you a job; ask.  When you know someone is behind the 8-ball; ask;  When you can tell someone is way behind on their schedule; ask.   Just put this magic to work -- ASK; "What can I do to help?"


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jail-Break video; Keeping Public Lands Public

Four Top Tips for Keeping Public Lands Open to All -- the JAIL-BREAK.
Video By Del Albright and BlueRibbon Coalition.

Join or donate to BRC here:

Please feel free to pass this around.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Del Albright Training Workshop VLLS Announcement


Feb. 27 – Mar.1st, 2015, Sacramento area, CA

Presented by BFGoodrich Tires and Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge
Sponsors include Poly Performance, Synergy Manufacturing, Raceline Wheels, Poison Spyder Customs
and the CA4WDC Conservation & Education Foundation (so far)
With a special dinner provided by MetalCloak

(September 14, 2014). The one-of-a-kind hands-on landuse and leadership boot camp, Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship (VLLS) Workshop is scheduled for the weekend of Feb. 28th, 2015, developed and presented by Del Albright. Student applications are available now to get your name in the hat early for limited seating.  Apply even if you aren’t sure you can make it, but want to be kept in the list of available seats.  35 students are expected to attend this workshop.

VLLS 2015 is going to be the revival of volunteer training that started in 2004 to develop more leaders in volunteer organizations/clubs fighting for landuse, trails and access to public lands. This will be workshop #5 since the course started as the follow-up, hands-on portion of online training, Recreational Leadership Training Course (RLTC at

LEARN: There is no other training like this in the country!  Learn tips and tricks galore in landuse, leadership, and supervision, including:
·         team-building
·         how to supervise and nurture volunteers
·         how not to burnout
·         tips for dealing with politicians and bureaucrats
·         trail maintenance and water issues
·         land stewardship concepts
·         how to run better meetings
·         secrets to public speaking
·         letter writing
·         event organization
·         how to inspire and motivate others
·         and much, much more

DETAILS: Check in will be Thursday night (2/26); Graduation will be Sunday afternoon (3/1). Students must commit to full weekend in the classroom, starting Thursday night and ending Sunday mid-afternoon. Lodging is provided as part of the training package. Local students may make special arrangements for other lodging or home lodging if critically necessary.

NO COST: Course is (mostly) free to students (including lodging); some meals and individual travel arrangements will need to be provided by students; but all training material, lodging, training facilities will be covered by business and organizational partners/sponsors.

TOPICS: More on subject matter here:  VLLS was written and developed by Del Albright as an extension of the online (via email) Recreational Leadership Training Course (RLTC) developed by Del to teach volunteers how to inspire, motivate and facilitate others in keeping trails open, our sports alive, and our public lands available to all.

SPONSORS:  Sponsors make this course possible.  They believe enough in keeping trails open and our sports alive that they are willing to invest substantially in giving you an opportunity to elevate your effectiveness in landuse and leadership.
The premier partners presenting this workshop are BFGoodrich Tires and Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge.  Other sponsors include Poly Performance, Synergy Manufacturing, Raceline Wheels, Poison Spyder Customs, MetalCloak, and the CA4WDC  Conservation & Education Foundation.  Please pay them a visit and THANK them for supporting landuse and leadership training for our future. 

APPLY NOW!: Student Application here:

Del Albright
RLTC/VLLS Course Developer and Leadership Trainer
2014 Inductee, Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (

RLTC/VLLS Website:

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Leadership and Landuse Training -- Online Special Offer

2-Week Only Special Offer on RLTC

Cheapest deal ever offered for leadership and volunteer training course

Are you losing volunteers in your group or club?  Is burnout setting in with you or others you know in off-road recreational efforts?  Do you see volunteerism falling off in your endeavors?  I offer you a chance to help fix that....

I am offering the online training course RLTC -- Recreational Leadership Training Course -- at a hugely discounted price from now until August 7th (two week deal) in order to help build up our cadre of volunteer leaders who want to help keep outdoor sports alive and well, and backcountry trails open.

Normal retail is $150; group deals $75; THIS OFFER is $45 for TWO WEEKS only. Sign up now (or by August 7th) and get this 10-Module Course that you can do in your spare time, at your own pace.

You can sign up NOW and PAY LATER.  Get started on changing the way volunteerism is working for you and your club.

The course covers:

Communication SkillsEvent and Club OrganizationalBenefiting from Social Networks Trail Rides and ConvoysVisualization and Planning of Events and ActivitiesBasic Volunteer Supervision and Nurturing TechniquesLeadership of VolunteersMembership DevelopmentLanduse Science and DefinitionsDealing with BureaucracyStrategic PlanningPublic SpeakingRunning Better Meetings

and more...

Read testimonials here:
Read more about the course here:

SIGN UP by sending an email to me ( and say "sign me up for RLTC deal."
Pay later.

And if you want to take a TEST (sample) module first, just say so in your email.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pledge Your Patriotism and Join Up!

Take the pledge of a patriot and join or renew in BRC because our freedoms depend on it!  

National issues are heating up; elections are looming; closure attempts still persist; and we are not as united as we could be.  BRC is the first step answer to STOPPING the assaults on our freedoms -- the freedom to recreate outdoors; the freedom to enjoy responsible access to recreation; and the freedom to take young people outside where they can learn about this country!


Just like our forefathers did.  BRC pledges back to continue to champion your rights to responsible access to outdoor recreation.

And don't forget your state, regional and other sport-specific organizations.  It's about all our voices being heard.  Join (or renew) now!  You're needed now more than ever.

A fellow patriot,
Del Albright

Monday, June 16, 2014

Buy Bad; and Park Your Junk?

Love the one you’re with and let the others you’re not with know why!

By Del & Stacie Albright

If you buy off-road parts from a company that does not support landuse, trails, raffles or off-road organizations, you are buying “bad” and you might as well go green and park your junk!  I’m not being harsh here; I’m being real.  I’ve been off-roading for 50 years and working in landuse for 30. We’ve come far enough in the landuse world that EVERY club, business, group, virtual club, whatever, knows we are losing trails to enviro-exclusionary elitists and we have to fight back!  Companies not on the landuse team in some way (commensurate with their size) and merely making money from our love of our sports need to be brought to justice – the justice of our pocket books.

If you are buying from outfits merely because they’re cheap and not checking to see if they support landuse, you might as well give a similar amount of money to the Sierra Club or other anti-access groups trying EVERY DAY to shut us down.   It’s that simple.
Famous Red Jeep parked in garage....

So what can we  do to make sure we ARE buying from outfits that are in the game.  Here’s the simple process:
  1. Ask them if and how they support landuse.
  2. Find out what events they show up at and if they are donating to the event raffle --- that raffle hopefully supports landuse in some way and not just some warm and fuzzy cause solely.
  3. Look at their website to see what links they offer in the landuse world (United 4WDA, BlueRibbon Coalition, state organizations, AMA, ASA, etc.); and…
  4. Check out your state association and regional off-road groups to see what businesses THEY claim as members and supporters (on their website and in their newsletter where some list levels of sponsorship even).

Now let’s say you really love a company but they failed on all the above checks….just get in touch and give them a chance to “convert” to supporting pro-access efforts.   Get a few buddies to jump in with you.  Be fair.  If they don’t covert, STOP buying from them and let them know why.  You will be helping  to SAVE our sports and keep our trails open by doing that.

On the other hand, let’s say you buy from an outfit that is ALWAYS showing up with product donations to raffles, giving to landuse organizations, supporting the cause of access on their website and in their newsletters…..GIVE THEM A HUG – publicly!  Say so on forums when it’s appropriate.  Let your buddies know about the “good guys.” Be outspoken why YOU buy from the businesses who support keeping our trails open.  This has to go two ways  -- love the one you’re with and let the others you’re not with know WHY!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Tribute to Mark Smith, Rubicon Trail -- Jeep Jamboree Fame

Mark A. Smith passed away yesterday and we mourn his loss.  Founder of the Jeepers Jamboree and Jeep Jamboree, Inc,; creator of rock crawling, adventurer who crossed the Darian Gap in a '76 CJ on 33's; donated and delivered by copter 90 bags of cement when FOTR built the Sluice Bypass and made it look "natural;" jump in to help Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) get started and flourish from the very beginning; Inductee in the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, and a man who leaves behind an incredible, lasting legacy that will never be forgotten.

A fun shot posted in February 2014 on Facebook with my take on the caption possibility.

The VERY first work party at the creation of Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) with Mark Smith right there helping (pony tail alive and well).

Rest in peace will live in in our hearts and minds.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

VOTE Today; and Pass on Your Passion


Do it! Vote and pass on your passion today (June 3rd) -- whatever it may be; share it; and vote for those who support what you believe in. Don't let this happen without you; our voice counts but we gotta let it rip at the polls! Stacie and I believe in many forms of freedom, and we will always VOTE for those common sense candidates who will help us pass on OUR passions and keep them alive.  

For incumbents we will check their voting record and platform statements on their websites.  We will write letters to those we question and ASK where they stand.  And we will campaign for those who believe like we do and will help us pass on our passions for the outdoors and for freedom!


Monday, May 26, 2014

Del Albright Inducted into Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame

I'm honored and humbled to say the least...I'm am joining BRC founder Clark Collins in the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (ORMHOF).  Induction Ceremony is in Vegas, Sunday Nov. 2nd.

More info here:

Monday, January 13, 2014


Rational Apathy – The Slow Death of Outdoor Recreation

By Del & Stacie Albright

 America has become a society of media hype, slanted education and brain washing, starting with kids in daycare school learning to hug trees, tolerate excessively and not listen to their parents’ teaching.  At the same time, interests like outdoor recreation are being pushed aside for looming other priorities, some real, and some media-induced distractions purposely intended to keep us spinning in circles. We quickly lose sight of our passions and don’t even realize there is a slow death occurring.

One of our heroes, Chris W. Cox, NRA-ILA Executive Director recently wrote about “rational apathy” when it comes to the erosion of Second Amendment Rights (gun ownership issues).  In his January 2014 column he talked of how people can be concerned about only so many things at once, “so unless they perceive an immediate threat to their own interests, they ignore small infringements on their rights, allowing them to accumulate over time,” Mr. Cox said.  Certainly, this is a slow death for outdoor rights and access, particularly in our off-road world.

America is being distracted politically at nearly every turn.  When something life-changing or threatening occurs, it seems we have something more pressing and near-and-dear to our hearts to deal with – and I’ll leave it to you to fill in the political blanks.   We are at war, but all of a sudden our housing market collapses.  We lose people overseas and the economy looms over our very ability to earn a living.   Unemployment jumps off the charts, and all of a sudden a state enacts a law restricting detachable magazines in rifles. And the distractions continue on and on.

So yes, we get rationally apathetic.  Rational means we have reason, or understanding.  Apathetic means not having much emotion or interest. So when we combine these two terms, we see some Americans justifying – or rationalizing – not paying right now their membership dues in organizations, or not making donations right now to charities of concern, and in general being distracted by other issues that seem more pressing.  In the meantime, the slow death permeates every crease and corner – eventually destroying a part of our rights and access.

In reality life gets in the way and we are all distracted by one thing or another.  It’s been interesting to watch how there are plenty of scandals going on and the media is constantly using distraction tactics.  Remember Benghazi, Fast N Furious, and Extortion 17; and did Osama Bin Laden’s body really get a burial at sea?  Every one of these topics and issues has had their share of smoke and mirrors as well as media hype, while putting us in media overload.  So once again we go about our everyday lives of working, trying to sort out our priorities, and surviving by telling ourselves that somebody else will take care of it and that there is only so much we can do.

Meanwhile, the anti-access busy-bodies who are passionately dedicated to shaping the world in their own exclusionary elitist likeness continue to chip away at our rights and freedoms.  Much of the media and Hollywood types jump right in and “educate” us in the ways we “should” know – their way. We must moderate them and in some cases, we must stop them.  We must not drop our passion in the outdoor sports we love. In fact, may we suggest, “Pass On the Passion” – keep it alive.  Pass it on to kids; pass it on to elected officials; and pass it on to your favorite organizations fighting with you.

The key may be to focus on what your primary passions are. Maybe it’s gun rights and off-road;  maybe it’s land rights and access and the kids ball team; whatever it is, stay in the game and do something about saving your passions with a once-a- week commitment.  Or consider our “One for One Proposal” ( which suggests for every fun, outdoor day you enjoy, you write one letter, or make one phone call, or attend one meeting about landuse/politics.  Or make one donation to your favorite group like BlueRibbon Coalition or your state, sport-specific organization.

 Please do not let life’s distractions and myriad of priorities contribute to your losses and the slow death of outdoor recreation. If we pass on the passion and keep our rights and freedoms in the forefront of our lives, we can stop the slow death!  The cure is to not lose sight of your rights and freedoms!

Del & Stacie Albright, aka “Team Albright,” are authors and outdoors advocates, writing internationally on landuse, access, rights and freedom.  Learn more at  Del is the Director of Operations for BlueRibbon Coalition (

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year Landuse Message

Landuse Happy New Year Message:

I cut my landuse teeth on OFF-ROAD INTERNET forums  – listening to what you have to say – going on 12 years. But now I have the ability to take what I’ve learned from you and apply it to reshaping our landuse battles nationwide. With the support of the BRC Board of Directors, I am the new Director of Operations for BRC, charged with bringing my "forum-sense" into the battles. 
But landuse is not a one-man or one-group job though; we need a team more than ever.

There are 1.5 million recorded subscribers (members) in just a dozen off-road forums (I added them up). We have a strong voice if we start shouting with it – louder and longer and more often! Sure there is overlap between forums; but still, there are a lot of us who are NOT members of organizations or clubs and there are about 200 forums out there that I didn't count. THAT is where our New Year will make a difference in our trail access when we ALL become strong supporters of those groups fighting for us.

If you truly want a Happy New Year, then realize that it starts simply with a click to join (or renew) your memberships. I hope you will start with your national umbrella group that I now direct – the BlueRibbon Coalition ( Then add the groups and clubs that make sense to you from there.

Make this New Year the best ever….