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Monday, March 5, 2018



Don Amador and Paul Turcke (Attorney) Educate Politicians on Access Issues.

By Del Albright

In the words of Don Amador: 

It was a really great trip back to Washington D.C. this week with BRC counsel, Paul Turcke. The trip was to educate Congress, the USFS, BLM, Dept. of Interior DOI, and Administration about the important role that recreation has as an economic driver and the need for their support of “boots on the ground” recreation staff, etc. 

Lots of very good meetings with agency, congress, and admin. Also, got to visit with our counterparts at the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), and ARRA. 

(Picture is of me and Terry Heslin at the BLM office on M street – Terry and I were surprised to see each other at the BLM HQ. As many of you know, Terry helped start the OHV program at Stonyford, CA – before Applegate – and then moved over to the BLM where he has proved himself as a recreation leader and an important element of the national BLM recreation program. Terry currently serves as a BLM leader in New Mexico)
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