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Thursday, April 2, 2020




The Tierra Del Sol (TDS) Four-Wheel Drive Club of San Diego was founded in 1962. Leading the way in fighting for keeping trails open and responsible four-wheeling, while nurturing youngsters to join the fun the right way, TDS is genuinely a remarkable club.

Tierra Del Sol is one of southern California’s largest not-for-profit, family-oriented 4x4 clubs.  TDS meets monthly and offers four-wheeling, camping, and other events suitable for the entire family.

Every year since 1962 they support the local economies where they recreate as well as numerous charities through their annual event, the TDS Desert Safari – the longest-running off-road event in the nation. The club has donated heavily to assist with lawsuits around Ocotillo Wells SVRA. Each year TDS gives away thousands of dollars to various land use organizations, both local and national.


After WW II, a new type of recreation was being born in the late 1940s and 50s, embraced by a small group of hardy men eager to see what our challenging countryside had to offer, and the term “ jeeping” became the definitive name for “four-wheeling.”

In those early years, a “Search and Rescue” team of local men with citizen band radios gained an intimate knowledge of the local backcountry through their rescue work. Some decided to forego “Search and Rescue” and concentrate on adventure and exploration. Two of these men were Roy Pruitt and Bozzy Willis.

Bozzy had always worked closely with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, where his father had been employed. Bozzy’s knowledge of the Indians, their trails, culture, and history made him an instant leader of the small band of early four-wheelers.

Eventually, the membership evolved into a club named Tierra Del Sol.  Tierra Del Sol 4 Wheel Drive Club legally incorporated in August 1962 as a non-profit organization and some of the early names are still part of the TDS roster: Albrecht, Arnold, Branch, Collins, Fertig, Londo, Nielson, Rappold, and Stough

The club continues to exemplify friendship at its best and set the example nationwide.
Club Website:
Club Contact:
PO BOX 350
Lakeside, CA 92040

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