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Thursday, March 24, 2022


 The American Sand Association is developing a guide to the 30 x 30 plan, which is a nicely couched land grab in my opinion -- again!

30% of this duning spot could be locked up, protected, closed as the 30x30 plan progresses. This will apply to possibly all motorized recreation areas.

Here are 8 Core Principles of the 30x30 plan that while well-written and appealing, they have motorized recreation groups worried that on-the-ground implementation will look more like gates and closed signs:
1. Pursue a collaborative and inclusive approach to conservation.
2. Conserve America’s lands and waters for the benefit of all people.
3. Support locally led and locally designed conservation efforts.
4. Honor tribal sovereignty and support the priorities of tribal nations.
5. Pursue conservation and restoration approaches that create jobs and support healthy communities.
6. Honor private property rights and support the voluntary stewardship efforts of private landowners and fishers.
7. Use science as a guide.
8. Build on existing tools and strategies with an emphasis on flexibility and adaptive approaches.

Stay tuned as we develop courses of action.

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