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Monday, February 21, 2022


                              New President of the California Four Wheel Drive Association, Josh Epstein.

By Del Albright

When an Association over 60 years old chooses a young blood to run the show, with a ton of old wise ones to help guide and nurture him, I am encouraged that we can make a difference in keeping our trails open and our sport alive.
Very importantly, we can perhaps build that bridge to the younger generation and the UTV/side x side crowd, who are very much a part of our four-wheeling world.
But do not get me wrong, without the guidance of past Presidents, past Board members and club elders, our forward progress would not be healthy. It takes a team!!!
Joshua Epstein of JEP Autoworks has stepped up to be President of the cal4wheel state Association. I told him flat out that I will always have advice if he wants it. Heck I've been off-roading and four wheeling for 60 years. But following it will be his choice (or not). And we shook on it. Mutual respect. That is how club elders and old ones can interact with the younger folks wanting to step up. What is your take on this?


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