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Tuesday, February 8, 2022




Convention Election Opportunities and a New Future for Cal4

By Jim Bramham with Del Albright

 It is just a couple of weeks until the Cal 4-Wheel Convention in Visalia.  We are glad to see registration is so strong and there is excitement about an opportunity to see one another again.  Elections are upon us.

 Del and I have wrestled with the many opportunities facing our Association and we see a need for clear leadership that will bridge to a new generation. We feel the trick today is to preserve our past, enhance what we have now, and continue to build a stronger future.  Josh Epstein will bring a contemporary approach to shaping our Association.

 Jack Chapman stepped up in trying times and has accomplished major goals for Cal4. Jack has done a great job keeping us pointed in the right direction and our fiscal affairs in order. The uncertainty and everchanging complexity of the last several years has made the Board of Directors’ job more difficult than ever.  A huge thank you goes to both Jack and all the Board. 

 Additionally, the Association is blessed with an amazing cadre of Past Presidents. These folks each served the Association in an extremely high capacity, and each faced different challenges. We are so fortunate to have this brain trust and corporate memory available to the BOD and our membership. 

 Our Association has enormous challenges laying ahead. These challenges are not just regulatory or land use but also how to define Cal4 to an ever-changing demographic that is outdoor recreation.  We support and represent a niche of this fast-growing segment of our society. We must find new ways to be relevant, inclusive, and realistic as we put our 60 years of background to bear on what will become the future of our sport.

 Over the past several years, we have worked closely with Josh and witnessed the growth of his knowledge and dedication to our Association. He has been receptive to input, a link to the younger crowd, and is respectful of our past.

 We support Josh in his run for the presidency and hope you will give him your full consideration. The future is going to happen to us whether we plan on it or not. We look forward to supporting Josh as the Association moves forward and expands.


Jim Bramham (and Del Albright)

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