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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rubicon Trail Volunteers Bring Us Up to Date

Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) Annual Meeting 2010 Report from Jacquelyne Bebe Theisen
The FOTR Annual meeting went very well. We had a full day with lots of great information from our own membership and from our agency partners.

We began the meeting with introductions and comments from Del and Daphne Greene to kick things into gear.  (full room; 100 folks)

We then had a recap of workdays on the trail for the year, both the El Dorado side and the Placer side, I recapped the El Dorado and Doug Barr recapped the Placer. We have accomplished a ton last year and have even MORE to do this year.

I introduced a new oil cleaning product, that after*two trials on the trail, was modified to include a detergent free surfactant, an enzyme and a microbe. It took all the best of the two products we used to remove old oils stains from the granite, and added an enzyme for the fast acting breakdown of petroleum, and a microbe that contines to breakdown any oil that gets into the soil over time. The new product is called "S'oil Cleanse" and has now been added to the County's Grant request to be added to the free spill kits that we hand out on the trail, in convenient 8oz squeeze bottles. The product will also be available to the public and can be purchased in larger volume containers.

There were some meaningful highlights, one of them being a "Lifetime Achievement Award" presented to Mr. Dana Holland. Dana's achievements on the Rubicon go back over 30 years. One of the most notable projects being the Rubicon Springs Bridge, with the most recent being the Wentworth Springs Kiosk, Oil Containment Bdlg, and the Wag Bag collection Receptacle. I'll send out some photo's when I get them together.

Rubicon Trail Foundation recapped their grant funding and status for 2009-2010 grant cycle. They also had a show and tell of the new Pooper Unimog that will be used on the trail for pumping out the new toilets that will be installed (hopefully) over the next couple of years at remote locations like Spider Lake and Buck Island Lake.

Del held the annual election of the Trail Boss, and by a show of hands, I was elected by the present members. Del apologized for not holding an election at the time he chose to appoint Todd and I last year, but said he did what he did, and apologized again.

Shortly after we went straight into the business of the new Org Chart for FOTR, and all current appointments remained the same, and a couple of empty positions were filled. I can e-mail you the chart if you would like one.

I also briefly went over the CGS map provided to me by the County last week, that showed all of the areas that need our attention. We will again spend the majority of our time on the west side of the trail this year, but now have specific projects laid out before us. I will need folks to step up for Incident Commander Positions as we will have 5 work days this year. I can email a Calendar with all of the pertinent dates.

I asked the membership to assist with a project that will include a lot of buckets, and the major organized runs this year by JJUSA, Jeepers Jamborees and others like TLCA, Marlin Crawler runs too. We have a couple of areas that need to be filled back up to Original Grade. These will not be done during our normal workdays, nor by the County, but we will be handing out buckets to be filled with rock from a location on the trail, and dropped at Walker Hill and Winter Camp, the two more incised areas of the trail. More details to come as things come together.

We broke for lunch and were stuffed to the gills with the most amazing Rockhead food ever, Dale Robins whipped up some chili verde, chicken and beef for a plethora of tacos. Wow, no wonder they are the official Cook Crew of FOTR! They Rock!

The Agency panel was very informative, and included USFS, EL Dorado County, Water Board and OHMVR Representatives. Grants for upcoming projects were discussed, as well as Forest Service Projects, and a continued vote of support from OHMVR.

Daphne Green from OHMVR communicated how important FOTR is, as it sets the standard NATION WIDE for what a collaboration of Volunteers and Agencies can accomplish together, and we were congratulated by other agencies on out talent, resources and our die hard desire to keep the Rubicon alive and well for future generations.

Diane Rubiaco from Pacific District spoke about defining some dispersed camping areas along the trail, and also providing a route to some of these areas. While details were not readily available, in a previous meeting, both Buck Island and Little Sluice/Spider lake areas were discussed. Very encouraging. She did say that they may not look like we image they should. but that she is looking forward to a collaborative process.

Vickie Sanders of El Dorado County told us about the grants being requested by the County on the Rubicon Trails behalf, and again thanked to volunteers for their work on the trail. Vickie is truly the lady who makes it all happen for us, working with both the DOT, Legal and the Supervisors office to advocate for us at every turn. I can't thank her enough.

Phil Jenkins of OHMVR described a collaboration of 4 Law Enforcement Agencies that will be active on and around the trail this year. He is working on a project to include 2 State Parks officers that will be placed at a mid trail position during the Summer.

Law enforcement this year will be the largest presence we have ever seen on the Rubicon Trail, with 2 full time State Parks LEO's, 2 Forest Service FPO's, and 2 full time Sheriffs officers.

Marty Hartzel from the Water Board came to tell us how we were progressing on the CAO, and let us know that everything is going as planned, all reports have been submitted on time, and that they are looking forward to the Long term management Plan and the Saturated Soils plan due this year.

As we wound things down, Duncan Waldrop took the time to discuss a Trail Patrol Project he has been working on for RTF. RTF hired him to design a trail patrol program that will be self sustaining. Duncan also presented the CalStar Program to members of FOTR, and we had to vote to be called a group just for this purpose. It was overwhelmingly approved, and now all members of FOTR are eligible for Cal Star Helicopter Insurance for $35.00 per year. If you are interested - contact Duncan, and he will get you the necessary information.

Thank you all who attended, presented and committed your time to the Friends of the Rubicon. We couldn't do it with out each and every one of you.

Thank you all for your vote and your vote of confidence. We are going to have a GREAT year, a PRODUCTIVE year, and will be one step closer to lifting the Clean up and Abatement Order.

Bebe, Trail Boss

Poison Spyder Sponsors BlueRibbon Coalition


Contact: Del Albright
(209) 304-7693
Ambassador, BlueRibbon Coalition
Access Army Warrior King

Poison Spyder Sponsors BlueRibbon Coalition Attendance at “TDS”

Banning, CA (February 24, 2010). It becomes newsworthy when businesses support land use and access with not only product and memberships, but also donations. BlueRibbon Coalition Ambassador Del Albright will be attending the annual Tierra del Sol (TDS) Desert Safari because of the generous support of Poison Spyder. You will find BlueRibbon in or near the Poison Spyder booth at TDS so please come by, say hi, and also see the new Access Army Ricochet Rocker on the Albright Jeep.

The 48th Annual Desert Safari, conducted by the Tierra del Sol 4Wheel Drive club out of San Diego, will be March 5-7, 2010 in the Truckhaven Hills of southern California. Typically several thousand folks are in the raffle audience on Saturday night to get their shot at over $100,000 in prizes. Poison Spyder will be one of the near 100 vendors on site.

Poison Spyder Customs is legendary among hardcore wheelers, where most of the products are forged in the famous “Hammers” area. They take pride in their professionally crafted products for Jeeps. And back in November 2009, Poison Spyder joined forces with the Access Army to produce a limited edition Access Army version of their popular Rocker Knocker and Ricochet Rocker, with a portion of the proceeds going to BlueRibbon Coalition.

The great folks at Poison Spyder are staunch supporters of access to our public lands, and go beyond the call of duty to help us ensure a motorized future. BlueRibbon Coalition and the Access Army are proud to be teamed up with such a far-sighted business.

Learn more about Poison Spyder here:
Sign up for Desert Safari here:


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daystar Supports Land Use and BlueRibbon Coalition

Tired of seeing your favorite off-road areas closed by environmental lobbyist efforts? Are you sick of being hassled by law-enforcement officials as they try to enforce the often vague laws concerning tire coverage? Daystar’s new mud flaps let others know your feelings on these subjects loud and clear: “Four Wheeling is Not a Crime!”

Daystar’s universal Mud Flaps keep your vehicle legal while expressing your opinion in bold letters. Most states have some sort of law concerning tire coverage, and many require mud flaps on pickups and SUVs even though they may not be present on a factory vehicle (which complies with federal regulations.) It seems a little coincidental when enforcement of these tire coverage rules is practically non-existent until a big four-wheeling event takes place. Then law enforcement suddenly becomes fanatical about obscure laws concerning tire coverage, sometimes to the point of borderline harassment of law-abiding four-wheeling enthusiasts.

Daystar’s “Four Wheeling is Not a Crime” Mud Flaps stop the harassment by providing adequate tire coverage and complying with laws concerning mud flaps. Rather than rubber, which can deteriorate over time, Daystar’s mud flaps are constructed of high-strength Polyurethane material. Polyurethane is resistant to vehicle fluids, road grime, and Magnesium Chloride (a de-icing material). At 5/16” thick, Daystar’s Mud Flaps are tough and designed to last for years in punishing environments. They are a universal fit and are designed to work with commonly available bracket systems.

Daystar’s “Four Wheeling is Not a Crime” Mud Flaps are available in black but can be ordered with red letters (KU71087RE), blue letters (KU71087RB), or yellow letters (KU71087YL). They are sold in pairs. A portion of the proceeds for all mud flaps will be donated to the Blue Ribbon Coalition in order to assist with the fight to keep trails open. For more information on the Blue Ribbon Coalition, go to
Buy these mud flaps at Daystar here:

BlueRibbon Online Magazine Hot Topics for February

BlueRibbon Land Use Online Magazine


You can sign up for these quickie news releases of hot topics in the BlueRibbon magazine at
Once again, moving further along into modern times and technology.

The February 2010 issue of BlueRibbon Magazine is available online! Featured in this issue...

Greg Mumm (BRC Executive Director) gets rolling on momentum
Sonia Bartz (BRC President) sounds off on accepting change

Tread Lightly Partners with Yamaha on an awesome new project

BRC takes a stand against public lands lockup in South Dakota

Tellico appeal takes a hit from the Forest Service

Eldorado Lawsuit: Why are recreation groups seeking to intervene?

Rubicon Update: How will the Board of Supervisors vote effect things?

Larry Chidester gets some well deserved recognition. Find out why!

The 16th Annual Lassen-Applegate Emigrant Trail Ride is coming, and you can be a part of it

Del & Stacie Albright whip up some "Rumbling Thunder: this month

Charlie Williams cracks wise about his "old body, but young soul"

Up-to-date facts regarding BRC's legal action, in bite-size tidbits that won't strain the brain

The Member Support List: Thanks guys!

LAND-USE OUTLOOK: Brian Hawthorne (BRC's Public Lands Policy Director) gives you the latest weather forecast on public land access issues

Jack Welch (BRC Special Projects Coordinator) takes some east coast & international visitors on a fantastic snowmobile ride in our most famous national park

This notice sponsored by Rocky Mountain ATV /MC: go here to see the full website and magazine:

thanks, Del

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ThumperTalk Needs Your Vote for Landuse

Support BlueRibbon by voting for ThumperTalk forums.

ThumperTalk is eligible for a Intuit (Quicken) grant of $35,000 because they use QuickBooks. If we vote for them and they win the grant, they will split it with BlueRibbon Coalition. AWESOME.

Check out the full story and the SIMPLE three steps to make this happen with YOUR vote. Page 10 of the January 2010 online magazine:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BFGoodrich Tires Winning Streak at Hammers

I'm pimping this because BFGoodrich Tires is also setting the example nationwide for businesses helping to keep our sport alive and our trails open. BFG is doing more than any company I know of, on many fronts, including the racing field, but also Outstanding Trails program, support for BlueRibbon Coalition with tire sales on off-road tires, magazine adds to support land use organizations and many other helpful donations to raffles.  They just plain ROCK in my book.

BFGoodrich Tires Continues King of the Hammers Win Streak;
Claims Top 11 Positions

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Feb. 16, 2010 – BFGoodrich® Tires once again reigns supreme as it remains to be the only tire manufacturer to come out on top at the challenging King of the Hammers. More than 30,000 fans witnessed Loren Healy take home the coveted scepter this past weekend at the 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers. Healy, along with co-driver Rodney Woodey, became the only team to take the checkered flag after qualifying at the 4 Wheel Parts Last Chance Qualifier earlier in the week.

Winning 667 buggy driven by Loren Healy.  Photo credit: Harry Situations

Healy and Woodey, who started the race in the 53rd position, battled through the difficult terrain of Johnson Valley, Calif. and conquered the 135-mile loop course in 6 hours 57 minutes and 53 seconds. Of the 100 competitors that started the race, only 43 finished, 34 of which chose to run the ultimate desert-and-rock race on BFGoodrich tires.

Healy’s winning rig was equipped with 39” BFGoodrich Krawler™ T/A®KX tires, which are designed for unprecedented grip on extreme rocks, mud and dirt.

“These BFGoodrich Krawlers are unbelievable,” said Healy at the finish line. “I have always competed on BFGoodrich tires and this is the reason why. The pit support, the onsite support and the tires are the reason why I choose BFGoodrich.”

Team BFGoodrich driver Brad Lovell barely missed out on the win, finishing only 28 seconds behind Healy. Lovell and co-driver Bill Kunz chose 37” BFGoodrich Baja T/A®KRT tires while third place finisher Derek West and co-driver Jason Henne chose 39” BFGoodrich Baja T/AKRT tires, which are designed specifically for rock racing and King of the Hammers.

“We can’t thank BFGoodrich Tires enough,” said Lovell. “They're the greatest tire and you can see that because the top 11 finishers in this race were on BFGoodrich tires.”

“Having the first 11 teams and 80 percent of the finishers who come across the finish line on BFGoodrich tires not only continues to prove the extreme capability of our product, but also shows that winners choose BFGoodrich,” said Roberts Kukainis, Motorsports Manager, BFGoodrich Tires. “Healy’s determination to qualify for the big race at the Last Chance Qualifier and then go on to conquer all 135 punishing miles is an incredible story. Congratulations to him and his team.”

In addition to being the official tire for King of the Hammers, BFGoodrich Tires provided pit and communications support to teams through its fleet of off-road motorsports vehicles. This immense undertaking involved more than 40 off-road enthusiasts and volunteers who donate their time to help BFGoodrich support the organization of King of the Hammers. BFGoodrich also introduced a new 42” off-road racing tire at the event.

BFGoodrich Tires hosted an on-site media hospitality center during the event. Located immediately opposite from tech and contingency and next to the start/finish line, the hospitality center allowed media to cover the race while enjoying complimentary snacks and beverages. Race tracking and updates in the media hospitality center were provided by

Using motorsports as a proving ground for more than 30 years, BFGoodrich Tires is involved in every type of racing, including oval, sports car, drifting, drag, desert, dirt, rally, and extreme rock-crawling. BFGoodrich Tires combines technological expertise with vast motorsports experience, delivering a high-performance tire for every type of vehicle. Visit BFGoodrich Tires online at

Media Contacts: Tonya Polydoroff

David Gordon

Monday, February 15, 2010

King of the Hammers; a Land Use Perspective

BlueRibbon Coalition sent me to Griffin King of the Hammers to be the Land Use Emporium guy and seminar host/moderator.  I was BLOWN away by this awesome event.  I could blog hours on how this is a shining example of our sport taken to the next level, while still embracing simple things like recycling and pack it out.

To keep my blog short, let me hit the highlights:

The organization and staff of KOH was incredible and efficient.

One local reporter said 28,000 folks were in attendance; Jeff Knoll and I were thinking around 22,000. No matter. It's HUGE.  It's the biggest thing I've ever been too, and well done to boot.

The lakebed and trails were left cleaner than when the crew got there.
I lead the cleanup of Sledge and I can attest to the fact that our off-road folks are getting the message and not leaving behind big messes.

Cal4 ran the recycling program (KOH idea) and kept the money for land use issues.

Over 100 volunteers help put on the race.

Over 100 vendors provided and shared their wares and goodies with booths, vans, trucks and displays.

The land use seminar was more about FREEDOM -- and will be posted (recored version) on Pirate4x4.  John Stewart (Cal4), Todd Ockert (Access Army), and Jacquelyne Bebe Theisen (FOTR) were on the panel with me.

100 drivers started and about half finished.  There was only 28 seconds between first and second.
Loren Healy from Farmington, NM was crowned King of the Hammers.

Loren on stage with his team, getting crowned KING.  From Farmington, NM, Loren drives a Jimmy's 4x4 rig with a 365ci motor.

BlueRibbon Coalition off-road Champion, Brad Lovell, Lovell Racing, took a shining Second Place, only 28 seconds behind the winner.

Greg Mulkey from Raceline Wheels (Allied) presented KOH organizers Jeff Knoll and David Cole with Racer's Choice awards.  Sweet.

Friends of Johnson Valley were there and benefited from a nice Saturday morning breakfast prepared by

Poison Spyder was there with their great products and awesome support of our new Access Army.

Jason Scherer (L) and Shannon Campbell (R) stood with Loren Healy with co-driver Rodney Woody, all the Kings in Court.

Here's the King's buggy, # 667, in Sledge, gettin' it and looking good.

Loren was another of the BFGoodrich Tire drivers, like the top 12 winners were using.  BFG's kicked it in 2010.  Wow.

The best place to get more of a report and see videos is on Pirate4x4 here:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

BlueRibbon Travels and Southwest Crawlfest

Reporting from the road -- we are in Las Vegas today, headed over to King of the Hammers shortly.
In the meantime, we have to report that this new event we attended, Southwest Crawlfest, was an absolute four-wheeling DREAM.  We had a ball, gained several new BlueRibbon members, hooked up with great folks, talked trail-saving by the hours, and found some marvelous trails.

The trails wove in and out of red rock domes like you find in Moab, UT.  In fact, in many ways this place rivals Moab.  Plus it's a State Park OHV Area with tons of obstacles and trails to challenge all types of rigs.

The event started Friday am with a driver's meeting, safety briefing, and introductions.  I heard there were 320 rigs signed up that were spread out over 11 trails.  AWESOME.

 Big Sarge was there for Utah 4Wheel Drive Association along with other members.  Many land use groups were there as well, because the Crawlfest donates most all their proceeds to help keep our trails open.  Another AWESOME.  BlueRibbon Coalition is one of their primary recipients of donations. 
The trails offered runs for everything from SUV to buggy.  It was a blast for sure with beautiful weather.

You can see the trails were mostly up on the red rim rocks above Warner Valley outside St. George, Utah and just spectacular scenery.

After Crawlfest we moved over to Kanab, UT to link up with some BRC members and members of the Canyon Country 4x4 Club who built Hog Canyon OHV Trail System.  We got snowed out of seeing very much of the trail, but had a lot of fun getting out in the area and visiting with the local folks.

We did manage to get in a quick trip to Page, AZ to see a slot canyon.  Enough said.

Next stop, Hammertown for King of the Hammers.